Presents our original Nightlife Series

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JUNE 1994

Left Side (walking in from Silom)
Queen's Castle   [U]
Peppermint Bistro & Club  [D]
Cozy Club   [D]
Limelight   [D]
Madrid Cocktail Lounge  [D]
Smile Club  [D,U]
Derby King II   [D]
SuperGirls   [U]
Rose   [U]
Lady Night   [D]
Gold Fingers   [D]
Lipstick   [U]
Fire Cat   [U]
(   -   ) (ex: Bar Play Boy)  [U]
Takara Turkish Bath & Massg  [U]
King's Castle III   [D]
Pussy Galore  [U]
Kiss  [D]
Kangaroo Club   [U]
Joy Bar  [D]
Blue Sky Bar   [D]
Touch Bar   [U]
(Kangaroo Pub & Travel Ctr.)  CLOSED
Right Side (walking in from Silom)
Pent House    [U]
Yellow Bar NEW (ex: Ann's CLOSED)  [U]
Sawasdee Bar  [D]
Funny Girls
Safari Disco - Go Go  [D]
SuperStar   [D]
Suzie Wong   [U]
Butterfly Bar
King's Castle I   [D]
King's Castle II   [D]
A's Bar  [U]
(   -   ) (ex: Takara II Bar Ber)  [U]
(   -   ) (ex: Pussys Collections)  [U]
King's Corner   [D]

Left Side (walking in from Silom)
La Costa Massage  [D]
Starlight Club   [D]
"Up In The Stairwell"  
 - Elixer  [2nd]
 - Patpong Snooker Club  [2nd]
 - Chin Juku  [2nd] (enter also Soi Bookstore)
 - Patpong Barber (PP Trad. Massg)   [3rd]
 - Body Talk Cafe Bar  [3rd]
 - P D  [4th]
 - New Center Pub & Rest.  [4th]
Sawasdee Club NEW (ex: Melody Bar & E.C. Pub) [D]
King's Paradise   [D]
Cleopatra Bar   [U]
Night Cat   [U] (no sign)
Memphis Queen   [D]
Topless Beer Bar
Topless Exotic Bar [D] ('Topless Topless Topless')
Super Queen   [U]
Executive Lounge   [D]

"On The Island"( All [D] )  
The French Kiss
V.L.Gallery Bar Beer
Pink Panther Restaurant

"On Soi Bookstore")  
King's Lounge   
Chin Juku  [U] (also enter The Stairwell)
Casanova  [U]
King's Love Boat   [D]

Right Side (walking in from Silom)
Plaza Zone Massg. [D]
Rififi Bar & A Go-Go  [D] (-add)
Crown Royal   [D]
"Up In The Carpark"  
 - Kassai
 - Kool Spot (initial report-main entrance Soi Katoey)
 - Bobby's Arms Pub & Rest.   
 - Patpong Snooker -(top floor)
Mike's Place   [D]
Cleopatra Garden   [D]
Tradewinds Carpenter's Pub
Star of Love   [D]
Cin Cin Pub & Rest.  [D]
Old Other Office Bar  [D]
Tavern Two (Tony & Tooey)  [D]
Xanadu Cocktail Lounge   [D]
Princess Castle   [D]
The Pink Panther

"Up On The Ramp"( All [U] )  
Club Abaniko
Royal Salute Cocktail Lounge (-add)
(      -      )  ex: Blue Label CLOSED
Matador Cocktail Lounge (-add)
Spanish Eyes
Barcelona Cocktail Lounge (-add)
Swing Club
Mr Natural
Sawasdee Cocktail Lounge
Counter Patpong
Montana Pub
Classic Cocktail Lounge
Three Ladies Cocktail Lounge
Sajo -(in Thai)

Left Side (walking in from Soi 23)
The Old Dutch
Our Place
(Pink Pussycat) CLOSED
Joe's Bar
Tony's Bar
Moonshine Joint
Moonshine Pub
Suzie Wong
Cowboy 1 (One)
(   -   ) (ex: Surprise #9 A Go Go Bar)
Cowboy 2 (Two)
Dandy Bar
Toy Bar
Lucky Star
Crazy Jack's Shadow (The Shadow)
Right Side (walking in from Soi 23)
Bluebird Club
Bluebird Club Physical. Massage. [U]
Pam's Cocktail Lounge
Juke Box Agogo Bar
Midnight Bar
New Hare & Hound
Big Blue 1
Sunshine Dee Ja
Eros NEW (ex: Salambo Bar CLOSED)
Eros Bar A Go Go Theque [U]
Black & White
Love Scene
Tilac Bar
New Crazy Cats
(   -   ) -was Quiet Spot
Quiet Spot
Five Star
Country Road

Ground Level
Lucky Luke  [O]
Rain Bow Bar
Mon Cherie Music Lounge Go Go Bar
Hollywood Royal  [I/O]
Pretty Lady A Go Go Bar
Crazy Lady  [O]
Star Pub & Restaurant
Pretty Girl A Go Go
Bubble Gum

Second Level
(   -   ) (ex: Asian Intrigue)
Spider's Web
Rosemary Bar
Madisons Pub-Lounge
Casanova Bar
Sexy Night
Ferang Connection
Hollywood Stars
Hog's Breath Saloon
Three Roses Bar (-add)
Third Level

[D] = Downstairs     -     [U] = Upstairs    -     [O] = Open    -     [I/O] = Inside/Outside

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