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January 1999

Left Side (walking in from Silom)
Queen's Castle Bar  (Queen's Castle 1)
( - ) (ex: Peppermint Bistro  Club & Restaurant)  [D]
Cozy Club   [D]
Madrid Cocktail Lounge  [D]
Radio City  [1st, 2nd]
Lucifer Disko Tk  [3rd, 4th]
(Derby King II restaurant)
SuperGirls  [U]  [Blue Angel Bar]
Rose   [U]
Lady Night  [D]  [Star of Love]
Gold Fingers  [D] [Erotica]
Lipstick  [U]  [Pink Lady]
Club Habanos & Observatorey (sic)   [D]
Fire Cat  [U]  [Wild Cat]
Takara Turkish Bath & Massage  [U]
Takara II Barber Shop  [U]
King's Castle III   [D]
Pussy Galore / Pussy Alive  [U]
Kiss  [D]  [Dear Nat]
Kangaroo Club  (New Kangaroo)  [U]
Mizu's Kitchen
Right Side (walking in from Silom)
Pent House  [U]
(Beer Bar Boys Bangkok)  [U]  CLOSED
P.P. Snooker  [U]
Thigh Bar  [D]
(Girlfriend Bar)  CLOSED
Safari Disco - Go Go  [D]
SuperStar  [D]  [P.P. Superbar]
Queen's Castle II  [U]  [Susie Wong]
Camelot Castle  [D]
King's Castle I  [D]
King's Castle II   [D]
Concert Bar   [U]
King's Corner   [D]
Super Pussy   [U]  [Tiger]

Note: as a result of a crackdown, several bars on PP1 were forced by the authorities to display the real, registered names of their bars. Shown in orange.   (This month's report only.)

Left Side (walking in from Silom)
La Costa Massage  [D]
Patpong Cafe
Crystal Palace   [D]
"Up In The Stairwell"  
 - Beauty Shop Bua Luang   [3rd]
 - Karaoke / Hong Aharn Bua Luang   [3rd, 5th]
 - Patpong Snooker   [3rd]
 - True Mark   [4th]
 - P.P. Thai Traditional Massage   [4th]
 - Karaoke / Hong Aharn Bua Luang  [3rd, 5th]
Cosmos Club
King's Garden
Cleopatra Bar   [U]
Memphis Queen
Kob's Place 2  [U]
Topless Beer Bar  [D]
Topless Bar   [D]
Super Queen   [U]
Executive Lounge   [D]

"On The Island"  ( All [D] )  
The French Kiss Cafe Bar Resto
V.L.Gallery Bar Beer
Chicken Delight

"On Soi Bookstore")  
King's Lounge
Casanova 85
King's Palace [U]
King's Love Boat   [D, OF]
Right Side (walking in from Silom)
Bua Luang Restaurant
Plaza Zone Massg. [D]
Rififi Bar A Go-Go  [D]
Crown Royal   [D]
"Up In The Carpark"  
 - Bobby's Arms Pub & Rest.  [2nd]
 - Abumi  [2nd]
(   -   ) (ex: Mike's Place / Butterfly)
Bobby's Deli   [D]
Cafe de Paris Bistro Bar  [D]
El Dorado Bar-Restaurant
Cleopatra Garden   [D]
Tradewinds Pub
Star of Love   [D]
Thai Room  [D]
Le Bouchon Rest. & PuB  [D]
Old Other Office Bar  [D]
Tavern Two (Tony & Tooey)  [D]
Pinocchio's Club (& Xanadu)
In Traffic Sports Man's Lounge   [D]
Pou Pee' A Gogo & Lounge  [D]
The Pink Bar & Pub  [D]
The Pink Piano Bar Cocktail Lounge  [U]

"Up On The Ramp"( All [U] )  
Club Abaniko Hearty Club
Royal Salute Cocktail Lounge
James & Vinai Club
Matador Cocktail Lounge
Spanish Eyes
Barcelona Cocktail Lounge
The Naturals
Swing Club
Rig One Pub (Rig 1 Pub)
(   -   ) (ex: Lanna Thai)
Be' Be' Pub & Karaoke
Kob's Place
The Rock
Three Ladies Cocktail Lounge
Khun Bua  (Thai sign)

Left Side (walking in from Soi 23)
The Old Dutch
Our Place
(   -   ) (ex: Virgo)
Joe's Bar
Tony's Bar
Moonshine Joint (Whisky & "Go Go'')
Moonshine Pub
Suzie Wong
Cowboy 1 (One)
J.B.'s Bar
Cowboy 2 Pizzaria
Dandy Bar
Toy Bar
Long Gun Lucky Star
Raw Hide Long Gun II [D]
Piccolo Entertainment Beer Bar  [D, U]
Right Side (walking in from Soi 23)
Bluebird Club
Pam's Cocktail Lounge
New A Go Go Duck
Midnight - Bar
D.L. Irish Pub
New Hare & Hound (add: 'Pub & Restaurant')
Big Blue 1
After Skool Bar
New Loretta
Black & White
Lao Jaroen  (add back: Love Scene Rest.)  [D,U, OF]
Tilac Bar
New Crazy Cats
New Klymaxx  A Go Go Bar
Apache (John & Tong's)
Five Star -Live Music vs A Go Go
Country Road

Ground Level
Lucky Luke  [O]
Spirit House  [O]
The New Rainbow Bar (Rainbow 1)
Play Skool A-Go-Go
Hollywood Rock  [I/O]
Sugar Beat
Rainbow II
Pretty Lady and Garden Bar
Red Lips / Matterhorn Bar-Restaurant
Lollipop Mermadium
Beer Corner
Leo Garden  [OF]
Pharaoh (OS in carpark)
Roadhouse (OS in carpark)
Hot Rods Video Arcade & Bar....
  ...[OS in carpark]

Second Level
Vixens Nightclub
Nancy  [OF]
Para Disio   (also 3rd fl.)
Spider's Web
Rosemary Bar
Sexy Night
Ferang Connection
Hollywood Stars
Hog's Breath Saloon
Three Roses Bar
Beer Conner II (sic)
Third Level

(Masquerade)  CLOSED
Hollywood 2 Rock & Roll
Beverly Hills
XXX - Hollywood Strip - Carousel Bar
Hollywood Bier Bar (Beer Corner)

Left Side (walking in from Silom)
Tapas Cafe
Hyper (add back in: 'The un club') (Air Bus)
Telephone Pub & Restaurant
X (Bar)
Rome Club  [Part 1]
Kool Spot Pub
Film Mix
Peking Restaurant

Right Side (walking in from Silom)
( - )
Om Trance Club
Helene's Place
The Balcony
Rome Club  [Part 2]
Sphinx Pub & Restaurant

SOI ROT FAI - (Buckskin Joe Village)
Left Side (walking in)
Morgan Bar
Som's Place Beer Bar
Another Bar
( - )
( - )
Emu Bar
( - )
( - )
( - ) (ex: Fair Play)
( - )
( - )
Bart's Bar
( - )
( - )
( - )

Right Side (walking in)
Rooster Bar
Sexy Night Det 5
Linda Bar Find XO
Susie's Bar
Bottoms Up Bar
Moon Bar
Pukadung Karaoke
Lucky Touch Bar
Kiss Me
Love You Bar
( - )

[D] = Downstairs     -     [U] = Upstairs    -     [O] = Open    -     [I/O] = Inside/Outside

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