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Soi 22's Queen's Park Plaza
Bangkok, 20 June 2002
William R. Morledge

      The Queen's Park Plaza bar-beer area on Soi 22 is located on the right side going in from Sukhumvit Rd, just past the side entrance to Washington Square .

        Like most of the bar-beer areas that have popped up in the Bangkok area, it arose Phoenix-like from the ashes of the '97 crash.    The land on which it now stands was cleared for new construction, but that construction was never to be.     The land remained empty until 1998 when a couple of small bar-beers opened there (the No ! Bra and the "Ngan Hang" ).

        Still, it didn't appear to have much future as a Night Entertainment Area until the end of 2000, when construction started in earnest on several small structures.

        Although the area was destined to be a large bar-beer area, this time it was being done with a difference.     The rows of small buildings being put up there were not the usual timber and clapboard, they were solid, permanent structures.

        In mid 2001, construction of the main area of the bar-beer center was completed and a sign was hoisted above, front and center: "Queen's Park Plaza - Best Quality Entertainment Center" .

        Since that time, several other bars have opened in the compound on all sides of this initial central construction.

        Midnight Hour recently visited the Queen's Park Plaza and follows is a brief "trip report".

        "At the right-hand side of Queen's Park Plaza (facing inward from Soi 22) there is a narrow lane stretching back to the rear of the compound.   Several small bar-beers are located here on each side as you walk in.     Working our way down the lane, first we find the No ! Bra , which was the very first bar to open - back in 1998.    Next is the Popeye 2, (which if we were to count the original Pop Eye in Clinton Plaza and the current Pop Eye in Cowboy Annex , this one would be Pop Eye 3 ).     Behind that, the Why Not? has just reopened after a 2 month holiday.     The O.B.1 bar is the next one back, and is an offshoot of the original O.B.1 in Cowboy Annex .    Behind this new O.B.1 , you will also find the Buddy Bar , Sweethearts , the Take Care and the recently opened Diwa , which has a rather inscrutable sign but appears to be quite popular with the local expats.

        In the next row going back, first is the Ngan Hang , which was the second bar to open here (shortly after the No ! Bra ) . The Ngan Hang has just closed, but is undergoing extensive renovations.    Just behind it is the Moonshine Pub , which is, as expected, related to the Moonshine Joint in Soi Cowboy -and perhaps not expected: -- related to the Silver Dollar Bar in Washington Square .     And behind that is the Banana Bar and the recently opened For You (an inside-outside bar).

        In the center rows -again starting at Soi 22 and working back- are the Rumors Bar , the Monkey Bizness , Cristina Bar , Players Bar , and the large beer-garden-type Baan Beer 22 .    Also located in this center section is the Queen's Park Massage (Traditional and foot massage.) Oraphin is the last one in that row, recently relocating from smaller premises on the first row within this compound, but originally from Cowboy Annex (now closed).

        At the left-hand side of the compound, the I.Q. Karaoke has just opened, and looks like it will be catering to Japanese.     There is also the newly opened On The Rocks .

        In the back there are 4 fairly large bars; the first 3 of these are air conditioned.    At the far left is the Long Island Club (a/c).     Next door is the Sugar Shak (a/c) with friendly hostesses and pool tables.    To the right of that is the Nice Easy (a/c).    At the far right in the rear is the Happiness .

        As can be expected, most of the customer base is from the nearby Queen's Park Hotel and other smaller hotels in the area, however now that Queen's Park Plaza is becoming better known, there is an increase in the number of resident Farang going there to spend the evening."

        I have asked Boge Hartman if he intends to do a map of the Queen's Park Plaza for Bangkok Eyes.     He said all things being equal, he should be able to complete the map and a history in another 2 months.     Let's hope so, it certainly appears to meet the criteria as a Night Entertainment Area .

 Datzit Fernow.

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