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Co-Co Walk

01 March 2011
William R. Morledge

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Bangkok's Bars - 10 Years Ago  
A Smile in the Land of Smiles.
Ask Us ! - Thermae Modus Operandi
Graffiti  -BKK's Midnite Vandals - #65

         Alert reader 'Charlie' recently emailed us and suggested we check out Co-Co Walk.   Although we had visited it many moons ago, and had often noticed it from the Rachathawi MRT Station, we were under the impression that it was still way too small, too insignificant, to be counted as a "Night Entertainment Area".   We were wrong....

         Co-Co Walk Plaza (normally just referred to as Co-Co Walk) has been slowly growing since it first came into existence, however, it is apparent that it reached 'critical mass' some time ago.   Although there are restaurants and a music store within the compound, virtually all the venues are Nitespots.   
         Although Co-Co Walk is comprised of four separate blocks of Nitespots (as shown in the graphic immediately below), most of the action takes place between the buildings under the substantially constructed awnings.   Although there is normally adequate parking at the rear and on the sides of the compound, you will, likely as not, NOT be able to find a parking space on the weekends - best take the SkyTrain to the Rachathawi Station.

         Currently more than ninety percent of the customers at Co-Co Walk are Thai, however we observed several groups of Farang, or groups that included Farang this last weekend.   We suspect this is primarily because a large sector of the foreigners living in, and visiting Thailand have never heard of this Night Entertainment Area.

         We have included below a few photos of the Nitespots at Co-Co Walk, however if you would like to see a complete photo review, click on the link immediately below....

         Although the Rock Pub (House Of Rock) is not technically in the Co-Co Walk compound (located next door in the old Hollywood compound), it has been a popular live rock band venue for several years.


          This month's radiant Thai Smile belongs to a young lady who promotes a Russian vodka in the evenings - we do not know what her daytime job is.....

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 Historical Minutiae Dept.

Thermae Rules


Reasonable question:   I just arrived in Bangkok and went into a bar, I think it was the Thermae (Soi 13, or around there), and there were tons of young, some very attractive girls just standing next to booths.   I tried to talk to two pretty ones and they didn't give me the time of day.   English wasn't their strong suit.   But they seemed focused only on Japanese guys.   I speak a little Japanese and fluent in Chinese.   Nothing works.   What gives?   What am I doing wrong?   I'm over 40 - is that it?


Greetings, CC,

Yours is not an unique experience.   Many of the free-lancer girls who nowadays go to the Thermae are there exclusively for the Japanese custom.   Some refer to these girls as the Triple-3 girls - three minutes, three inches, three thousand baht.   Nevertheless, there is a mix of talent there, and many of the girls do go out with Westerners.   Most people I know take it slowly, and wait until some favorable eye-contact is made before engaging in conversation, perhaps buying them a drink before inviting them out.   As the Thermae is no longer an all-night venue, many of the girls who go there are hoping for Japanese customers (and the easy money) early on, but later in the evening become more friendly when they see that they are not going to strike it rich that particular night.

'Boge' Hartman

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    Let the March 2011 Follies  begin...
    BANKOK EYES' Expat Night Scene.

      PATPONG  I  

                We have no idea how long Mizu's Kitchen will last, so we thought it would be prudent to start taking some photos.......   Mizu's Kitchen is not only Patpong 1's oldest remaining establishment, it is in fact an historical site.   One story has Mizu's opening shortly after the end of WW II.   It was also the original home of the Foreign Correspondents Club of Thailand.   Today, it is still going strong, and still serving great international cuisine.   May they persevere.
      PATPONG  I  

      PATPONG  II  
                The Bar Bar has some new neon nailed up - and includes the word, "Fetish".   While we doubt that this has become a part of the official name, it does describe the type of entertainment to be found within.   Keep on keeping on....
      PATPONG  II  

                One of Patpong II's best kept secrets (at least it has been kept from me for I don't know how many years), is the Baan Thai (slightly 'ambiguous') traditional Thai massage located in the old Pavilion Palace Hotel.   Their sign is so small one would have to be looking for it to find it.   For those interested, just ask at the Reception Desk.
      PATPONG  II  

                The Rig One Gold is closed yet again.    Their frequent openings and closings are worrisome - historically this kind of erratic conduct precedes a final closure.   We hope not - we'll be keeping an eyeball peeled and advise of any changes.
    - File photo         
      PATPONG  II  

      SOI  COWBOY  
                When we first saw the new facade going up on Country Road we thought it had been sold.   However, this is not the case - business is still thriving.   Although the new neon is not quite yet ready to be switched on, we took an advance pic or two in order to advise readers that it will look a whole lot different the next time you lay eyes on it.   Good work, gentlemen - let the good times roll.
      SOI  COWBOY  

     NANA  PLAZA  
                The Balcony Bar has just opened in the old Hollywood Inn digs. And, yes, they kept the upstairs ST hotel.   Wish them luck as they cast their dice against the pitted wall of fate.

      NANA  PLAZA  

                The Rainbow 3 has completed their renovations - which included the incorporation of the now defunct Villa Bar (see our last month's issue).   The additional space does make a difference; continue to march, then, gentlemen.....
      NANA  PLAZA  

    Door Art Of The Month

                   It didn't take the Billboard long to get the old 3rd floor Hollywood Carousel renovated and to make themselves at home.   Oh, and to get the new neon nailed up. All's well that's done well.   Congratulations to them on their new, and excellently fitted out Nitespot.   Welcome them as they try their hand in Bangkok's neon circus
      NANA  PLAZA  

                The Stumble Inn did, in fact, open last month (we went to press hours before, and missed it).   Ideally located, they will definitely be giving Big Dogs and Morning Night some healthy competition.   Welcome them to the night games.

      NANA  PLAZA  

      SOI  KATOEY  

                One could be forgiven for thinking that the Lounge 4 had reopened, but in actual fact the next door 4 Sport's has expanded into these premises. We expect that the signage will be adjusted accordingly at some near-future date....   The rock still rocks.

                It's official : the MSS Massage & Spa are out, and the Candy Massage & Spa are in.   We hear tell that this was not just a change of neon - there are several new masseuses now available.   They will have a lot of competition on the Soi, so wish them all best as they wade into the mix.

                It has been revealed, at last, that the old Best Massage will become the new Akane Fashion Massage just as soon as a few minor last minute alterations are made to the nearly-completed renovations.   A reliable source (A.T.) has advised that they were moving chattel from the old Akane in Peep Inn Park to the new digs (just across the street).   We suspect that by this time next month the new place will be open and the old will be closed.   We'll keep an ear to the ground and get back atcha.

                The Nippon-oriented Joy bar in the Peep Inn Park seems to be closed again.   We will swing by again soon, and if any change in status, we'll get back atcha.
    - File photo         

                We are still hearing rumors of imminent closure of Washington Square, and we anticipate that it will happen "someday"....   We have heard that some venues within the Square are renewing their leases 6 months at a time.   Below is a "for-the-archives" pic of the Wild Country Bar and the Cat's Meow (No Problem).   Let the beat roll on.

                The Sin Bin did in fact have their Grand Opening last month - as planned.   Welcome them, officially, to the catfight.   Oh, yes, in the "We-Don't-Make-Mistrakes" department, last month we referred to this Nitespot as "Sun Bin".   My typewriter made me do it....   

      SOI  EDEN  
                The Thai Terrace Bar & Restaurant has newly opened its doors to the public.   Wish them luck as they leap into the nightlife piranha pool.
      SOI  EDEN    SUKHUMVIT  SOI  7/1

                The X Boys have completed their renovations (without closing down).   With all the new neon going up, the Soi will soon be as garish as Soi Cowboy.....


    Bangkok Eyes jumps back in time to have a look at who was new - and who was through.   We'll be willing to bet that many of you "Old Bangkok Hands" will be reminded of some bars you'd almost forgotten.   (We also will be willing to bet you WON'T EVEN REMEMBER an even greater number....)

    10 YEARS AGO  :
          The Club Habanos closed down 10 years ago this month.   It would eventually become today's Pussy Collection.   Many will remember that Club Habanos was actually an adjunct of Gold Finger's, and you could walk through.   (For those who might be interested, the legal name for Gold Fingers - back then - was "Erotica"; the name was officially changed only recently to Gold Finger's.)
    PATPONG  1 -   March 2001

          A decade ago, the Be Be Club Pub & Karaoke up on The Ramp closed down temporarily.   They would reopen soon after that.
    PATPONG  2 -   March 2001

          Ten years ago, also up on the The Ramp, the Cozy Club Pub & Karaoke opened it's doors to the public.   Previously called James & Vinai Club, it remained a 'Vinai bar'.   The Cozy Club remains there today, but under new ownership.
    PATPONG  2 -   March 2001

          The Love Scene Karaoke closed it's doors a decade ago, this month.   The real estate would soon be absorbed by the Tilac.
    SOI  COWBOY -   March 2001

          A decade ago Sugar Beat bar beer reopened after a one-month closure - it was located at ground level, immediately in front of the Hollywood Rock (which is still there today).   There is currently no separate Nitespot at that location.
    NANA  PLAZA -   March 2001

          Ten years ago, the 114 Club rolled out the red carpet.   This venue is no longer in existence.   It was located next door to the Tapas (which is still there today).
    SOI  KATOEY  - (SILOM  SOI  4) -   March 2001

          A decade ago, this month, the Om Trance Club reopened after a one-month closure
    SOI  KATOEY  - (SILOM  SOI  4) -   March 2001

          A decade ago, the Lucky Luciano Club added a "33" to become 33 Lucky Luciano Club.   The Love Teen massage now occupies those digs.
    SOI  DEAD  ARTISTS- (SUKHUMVIT  SOI  33) -   March 2001

          The Po Massage (Traditional Massage) reopened after a brief closure.
    SOI  DEAD  ARTISTS- (SUKHUMVIT  SOI  33) -   March 2001

    ASOKE  PLAZA  /  ASOKE  CORNER - (previously Cowboy Annex) - 2001

    Asoke Corner / Asoke Plaza
    Night Entertainment Area
    ( March 2000 - March 2005 )

                 Ten years ago, the Boomerang bar beer re-closed after having reopened only one month previously.   It was not to reopen.   It had the distinction of being the Annex's first air-conditioned bar.

                 A decade ago, Tu's Bar & Massage opened it's doors for the first time.   It replaced the U-Turn bar, which had just closed.

                 Friends opened it's doors for the first time a decade ago.   It was located in the then-new section at the rear (Asoke Corner) near Lolitas.

    ASOKE  PLAZA  /  ASOKE  CORNER - (previously "COWBOY ANNEX") - March 2001

    CLINTON  PLAZA   - 2001

    Clinton Plaza
    Night Entertainment Area
    ( March 1998 - 7 June 2003 )

          A decade ago, an unnamed bar beer opened up outside, against the main building.   The Nitespot lasted until July 2002 - never having put up any neon.
    CLINTON  PLAZA   - March 2001

    TOBACCO  ROAD   - March 2001

    Tobacco Road (Soi Zero)
    Night Entertainment Area
    ( ~ March 1988 - 9 June 2006 )

                A decade ago the Last Stand Bar bar beer closed it's doors for the last time.   No bar would reopen at that location.

    TOBACCO  ROAD  - 2001



    [ Check out Bangkok's dedicated Graffiti page at " BKK"  <link>. ]

    A Class Act
    (FROM THE CLASS OF 2011)

                    The end of the school term, and for some, the end of their formal education.   This young lady is having her graduation photos taken at the classiest place in town.   Awesome.   Sorry, hand phone number not available.


    - And now to Midnight Hour's own brand of Bangkok Graffiti ....

    Graffiti #449
    8 ft. high x 21 ft.

    Graffiti #450
    Rubber Crab
    8 ft. high x 11 ft.

    Graffiti #451
    Durango Kid
    8 ft. high x 13 ft.

    Graffiti #452
    6 ft. high x 7 ft.

    Graffiti #453
    7 ft. high x 23 ft.

    Graffiti #454
    Bear'd Claw
    8 ft. high x 7 ft.

    Graffiti #455
    Train Wreck
    8 ft. high x 26 ft.

    Graffiti, Graffiti , and more Graffiti - Bangkok's original graffiti Site !

       The MIDNITE HOUR Graffiti Page is prepared by Staff Contributor "Boge" Hartman.

    (Boge's photo, above, is not a graffiti per-se, although there are those who have insinuated....   - Ed)

     --- Datzit Fernow

    William R. Morledge

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