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Mississippi Queen

01 December 2013
William R.  Morledge

December's Nightlife News
Bangkok's Bars - 10 Years Ago  
A Smile in the Land of Smiles.
Ask Us: Pink Panther Reprise
Graffiti  -BKK's Midnite Vandals - #97

         This month we were racking our brains for a respectable historical piece to lead with, when out of the blue, Tony Douglas contacted us with a heap of photos of his former Mississippi Queen A Go-Go Bar.   The Mississippi Queen was arguably the best bar on Patpong I during the '70's.   And we do mean arguably - everyone who was hitting Patpong Road in those years had their own favorite bar.   Nevertheless, in any discussion on 'favorite bars' among we long term residents will invariably include the Mississippi Queen.

Miss Eed was a popular favorite at the Mississippi Queen - for obvious reasons; from the spectacular 'across-the-crowded-room' smile, all the way to her booted toes.   Check out the Tina Turner poster....

         And judging from the email we get, the Mississippi Queen is still very much in the collective bar-crawlers' memory.   From the large collection of photos received, we have selected the most representative, those that best show off the bar's theme, it's attention to detail - and function (which is of course, A Go-Go).   We spent several days working, then reworking the photos in PhotoShop to restore them as best possible (and we hope Tony forgives us should we have gone overboard in that regard).

         The Mississippi Queen came into being in October 1972, and continued on for just a shade over ten years.   It was, at No. 60 Patpong Road, formerly the Patpong Cafe, and is now (part of) the location of the Gold Fingers.   One of the Mississippi Queen's secret of success was it's music - it, together with the Safari, shared the crown for best rock-and-roll on the Road.

Joy (seen here in her street togs) was not one of a kind.   She and her twin sister both danced' at the Mississippi Queen.   For the time they worked there, the pair, together, generated more male fantasy than could be found in all the rest of the bars on Patpong combined....

         Some of you may remember the Mississippi Queen's fleeting fifteen minutes of (international) fame - it was selected as the set for the bar scene in the Academy Award (5) film Deer Hunter starring Robert De Niro, Christopher Walken and Meryl Streep - it was done up to be a bar in Saigon for the film.

- Received without attribution.  Rights, if any, assume to copyright holder.   
This photo shows the Mississippi Queen's unique elevated A Go-Go stages - not seen before or since.   The use of mirrors gave the single shophouse bar a seemingly larger footprint.   Note: in the early days of Bangkok A Go-Go there were no chrome poles.

         A few years later, Tony opened the Memphis Queen, a sister bar. further on down Patpong 1, and a couple years after that, opened the Tahitian Queen in Pattaya, which, under new management, has become the oldest still-operating A Go-Go bar in Pattaya.

The Mississippi Queen celebrates one of it's 10 birthdays - a number of their A-team crowding in for birthday cake....

A rare shot of the back half of the bar.   Take note of the attention to detail on the "river boat" decor - in today's chrome pole & mirror palaces, you just don't see that anymore..   Tony can be seen at the right, at the very back of the bar.

One of the best surviving group photos of (some of) the staff of the Mississippi Queen.   The gentleman in the '70's get-up at the right (with the cigarette in his hand) is Chat, the DJ, who would kindly record albums onto our blank cassettes if we caught him at a quiet time in the afternoons.

Tony Douglas' second bar, the Memphis Queen, opened shortly after the Mississippi Queen and continued on until the early '90s after Tony retired.   Notice the Memphis Queen logo (the lady) is the same as the Tahitian Queen logo in Pattaya.   The Memphis Queen was sandwiched in between the Madrid (still there) and The Executive Room (long gone).

All photos property of Tony Douglas unless otherwise noted.


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Pink Panther Reprise
- Received without attribution.  Rights, if any, assume to copyright holder.   

Hello there,

         I remember the old days in Patpong quite well.   Unfortunately I am looking for older pics or documents of Pink Panther Bar.   I liked that bar very much and I have it still in my memory.   Do u guys maybe have even pics or documents in the period of 1987 till 1990?   Or maybe u have some informations when the bar was closed and what's happened with the place?

Thank you so much.


Greetings, Andy

      We have from time to time run old photos of the Pink Panther that others have submitted to us.   The above photo is one example.   You are welcome to download any of those photos for non-commercial purposes.   By coincidence, the original Pink Panther from that era went out of business 10 years ago this month.   It carried on as The La Pink Panthera and other variations, and is currently called The Pink.   They have renovated the insides, and now have several small raised areas, or stations, for the individual coyote dancers.   Unfortunately, the new venue just doesn't have the old 'magic' that the original Pink Panther did.


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    Let the December 2013 Follies  begin...
    BANKOK EYES' Expat Night Scene.

       PATPONG  I  
                The Lust Bar & Club is rising rapidly from the rubble that was Radio City / Lucifer Disko Tk.   It should be open before the Holiday Season.   We'll bring more pix in future editions.   
    - Sony Experia V        
      PATPONG  I  

                King's Group The Club is not newly opening, as the sign indicates, but rather changing over to a "till-late" Disco (from what was a formless upstairs coyote mish-mash).   Located in Soi Bookstore, connecting the two Patpongs.   The beat goes on....
      PATPONG  I  

      PATPONG  II  
                The Glamour Girls (Glamour on Silom) has emerged from it's second major close-down.   It continues to march to the same tune....   Welcome them back.
    - File photo        
      PATPONG  II  

                The De Talk is the first in the newly opened row of of 6 loc located underneath the King's The Club.   (That area previously was made up of S.T.V. Bar, the Topless Beer Bar and the Topless Pool Bar, which closed recently for the renovation.)   Wish them the best as they dive into the sharkpool.

      PATPONG  II  

                Red Rose Bar is the second bar to open up in the newly refurbished digs under the King's The Club.   May they draw all aces and faces in this, their new gamble....
      PATPONG  II  
                Gone, but not gone, the Topless Pool Bar is the third, and last (so far) to open up in the refurbished strip under the King's The Club.   They have opened up at approximately their same old location.   May they keep on keeping on.
      PATPONG  II  

                Up on The Ramp, the Cozy Club, it appears, has called it a day.   Their digs locked down tightly on our visit the other night.   We'll have another look next time around, and should there be any change, we shall get back atcha.
    - File photo        
      PATPONG  II  

                Also up on The Ramp, the Side Line Agogo has gone into lockdown.   They were a tout-fuelled 'Pay-For-Show' bar aimed at newcomers not knowing the ropes.   Darwin took his sweet time.....

      PATPONG  II  

                Opening up on The Ramp next to the now-closed Side Line is a Thai-labelled Khrua Thai Karaoke.   The Thai Kitchen ... Karaoke ??   We don't know either, so don't ask....

      PATPONG  II  

                Opening up next door to The Strip in the ruins of the old Plaza Massage & Turkish Bath is a small, and as-yet unnamed bar beer.   Wish them well, but we suspect this is an 'opportunistic' venture, not intended or expected to last past the redevelopment of the old Plaza (which the owner is currently trying to lease out....)   Welcome them to the piranha pool.
      PATPONG  II  

                It looks like the Lolita-style Special Services Venue masquerading as Mike's Place has finally pulled the plug.   We can't help but reminisce - to an earlier era when Mike's Place was packed to the rafters with customers and the hottest A Go-Go girls on Patpong II.   But that was then, this is now....
    - File photo        
      PATPONG  II  

       SOI  COWBOY  
                Just outside of Soi Cowboy on the Soi Asoke side are two small late-night bar beers, both unnamed.   They both appear to be doing a very good business, indeed.   May they continue to fly with the eagles.


    Street Parties....
    " TILL LATE "

          The street bar Fantasy (which has grown to 3 street bars over the years) has ongoing action late late into the night - every night. Located just outside Soi Cowboy .

     NANA   PLAZA   
    Door Art Of The Month

             Spellbound, having 'replaced' the Pretty Lady just days after our last monthly survey, is off and running.   The existing lease holder has teamed up with a new partner, and they have renamed it Spellbound.   Your favorite staff, plus a few new faces are there to greet.   Just no way to ignore the new Door Art...

    NANA  PLAZA - (Sukhumvit  SOI  4)

                The Wild Thing has replaced the Tokyo Player Agogo & Show Bar.   They appear to have the wherewithal, may they endure the vicissitudes....

    NANA  PLAZA - (Sukhumvit  SOI  4)

                The long-running G-Spot is being had at by sledgehammers, tongs and saws.   It remains to be seen when it will reopen (New Year's ?), and whether it will retain it's original moniker.   We'll keep an ear to the ground, and report back next issue.
    - File photo        
    NANA  PLAZA - (Sukhumvit  SOI  4)

     SOI  NANA  
                 Suzie, at the recently opened Swan Live Country Music has brought in a brand-new gaggle of cowgirl-ettes.   And if you are thinking of doing what we think you are, check their ID's before you do something stupid.   You know who you are.....
      SOI   NANA   

                 The brand-new P' Beer has taken over the reins of the recently deceased Honey Bar.   Located in the Rajah Hotel parking lot.   Their neon really rocks.   So let the rock continue to rock.

    - File photo           
      SOI   NANA   

                 Finnegan's Irish Pub has reopened with all it's good cheer intact.   They are, however, one dwarf short, so to speak.   
      SOI   NANA   

                 The upstairs Shiekh has finally opened on the 2nd floor of the Rajah Hotel outbuilding (in the old Ball In Hand digs).   Wish them luck as they cast their dice against the pitted wall of fate.

      SOI   NANA   

                 We admit we were surprised.   The brand new Nana Disco just reopened a few short months ago, has now been replaced by the Mai Peng Disco.   The artwork, the fonts and the name itself have a strong Chinese flavor, however, the Thai language translation of Mai Peng means "not expensive".   Having fun, are we, lads?   Nice touch.   May they continue to dance the nights away....
      SOI   NANA   

                 The After Dark is yet another 'Till late' live music venue - just opened (softly) in the Rajah Hotel compound (was previously the old Crossed Pistons motorcycle hang out).   May the fates batter them less vigorously....

      SOI   NANA   

      SOI  KATOEY   
                 A for-the-archives shot of The Stranger.   They keep busy on the weekends - may they maintain the momentum...
    SOI  KATOEY  - (SILOM  SOI  4)

      SOI  22  
                 Bangkok Betty is, in the new parlance, a 'social eating and drinking venue' with live music.   It has just opened in the Holiday Inn Hotel at the top of the Soi.   The girl in the photo below is either Bangkok Betty or the rhythm section of the house band.   Big on Beatles songs.   Welcome them to the neon jungle.

    SOI  22 - (Sukhumvit)

                 One of the new massage parlors to open up across the Soi from the Holiday Inn is the Sofa Thai Massage.   May they continue to slip and slide.
    SOI  22 - (Sukhumvit)

                 Yet another massage parlor (next door to the Sofa Thai mentioned above) is the Thongpattaya Massage.   Break a leg, ladies....
    SOI  22 - (Sukhumvit)

                 The newly opened Momiya Massage is located deep in the Soi near the New Cowboy Bar.   Just how many massage parlors can one soi support?   Nevertheless, welcome them to the wolfpack.
    SOI  22 - (Sukhumvit)

                 What was the Easy Pub is no more.   They were located in the darkened cul-de-sac that once was the entrance to the defunct Washington Square - with absolutely no passing foot traffic.   It's a miracle that they lasted as long as they did.   Greener pastures, ladies..
    - File photo        
    SOI  22 - (Sukhumvit)

                   The Bull & Bush Gastropub & Wine will open around New Years, now that the structural repairs are completed on the building.   They are set to open in the old Renoir digs.

                   Thanks Massage has some new neon nailed up.   Easier to see by the passing foot trade at the top of Soi Pan Pan.   We wish them constancy.

                   Joy is closed again.   No predictions on when they will reopen, if ever.   They march, or not, to their own beat.

                   A for-the-archive pic of the Bistro 33 signage.   May they persevere.

                    The Doublewide Bar and Restaurant isn't.   That is to say it is not double-wide.   It is a single shophouse wide, well appointed, and decent music.   Located in the Apoteka building across the Soi from Q Bar.   May lady luck smile as they cast their hat in the ring... if we can mix a metaphor or two.


                    The Grace Massage has been there for a while, however we failed to mention it on our original survey last month.   May the night winds blow kindly.

                    A for-the-archives pic of the Hot Stone Spa.

                    The Banana Club, located past the Q Bar and down a subsoi, is a massage for men by men.   (It was also missed by us on our original survey last month.)
    - No photo available -
       SOI  AMBASSADOR   SOI 11 

                    Angels Kiss has newly opened in the recently opened, recently closed Rumour's Pub.   Let the nightgames begin....
       QUEEN'S  PARK  PLAZA -   SOI 22

                   The Cockwell Inn, after a very respectable tilting with the windmill of Fate, has called, 'Time'.   Sorry to see them go - good crew, good staff.
    - File photo        
       QUEEN'S  PARK  PLAZA -   SOI 22

      SOI  EDEN  
                It looks as though the Tarntip Massage has in fact absorbed the area adjacent to become an even larger venue.   They also have some new neon up, however I suspect that because of the   they are not too happy with it....
    SOI  EDEN -  Soi  7/1 Sukhumvit

                The Scorpion bar beer is no more, having been taken over by the Apple Bar Beer (awaiting sign, however).   Welcome to the briar patch.

    Bangkok A-Go-Go

    Thailand when A Go-Go ruled the night...
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    Bangkok Eyes goes back in time to see
    who was new - and who was through.
    How many of these old 'watering holes' do you remember ?

    10 YEARS AGO  :

    Patpong I
       *  No changes that month / year.

    Patpong 2
       *  The Balls Joint Bar & Grill closed, having been re-absorbed into Bobby's Marco Polo.

       *  The Trade Winds Pub and the next door Star of Light specialty massage reopened after a month of renovations.   Star of Light is still at that location, however no Nitespot exists at the old Trade Winds.

       *  The The Pink Panther officially "closed", and became The Pink La Panthera (with more variations on the name to come).   It still functioned as a Nitespot, but was never the same as the old 'Pink Panther'.   Today, it is The Pink (a coyote dance bar), and between raids by the Sign Gestapos, they still occasionally put up signs saying 'Pink Panther' .

       *  The "Thai Traditional Massage" located on the 4th floor of the Cosmos Stairwell reopened after a brief closure.   No Nitespot venue exists at that location today.

    Soi Cowboy
       *  No changes that month / year.

    Nana Plaza
       *   The 3rd floor Carousel - XXX A Go-Go reopened after a month's renovations.   The Billboard now occupies those premises.

    Soi Katoey (Silom Soi 4)
       *   The Roxy added "Bar & Club" to their name, becoming Roxy Bar & Club.   The For Fun is now located there.

    Soi Dead Artists    (Soi 33)
       *   The Mojo's Bar & Restaurant opened new on Sub-soi 2.   It is still there today.

       *   Suika Club became Anego Suika Club - located at the rear of 33 Comlex.

       *   Lookie Lookie Gallery Bar took over from the Mondrian in Sub-soi 3 (Soi Wall Street).   Lookie Lookie is still there today.

       *   The Bar Za Bar / Shoku Sai reopened after a brief closure - located in Subsoi 4.   Today the facility is not a Nitespot.

    Queen's Park Plaza     (Soi 22)
       *   No changes that year / month.

    Washington Square (Closed down April 2013
             - the 3 bars remaining in the entranceway now counted as "Soi 22")

       *   Alpine Steak House located just past the Bourbon Street closed.

    Tobacco Road   (Soi Zero) -   (Closed on December 2006 )
       *   The Species Bar bar beer closed it's doors.

    Cowboy Annex   (Asoke Corner/Asoke Plaza)
            (Closed down on Feb 2005)

             *  The Richiy Bar Pool bar beer closed down.   Was located on the side fence, Annex side.

             *  The Smile Bar bar beer  became the Scandinavian Siam Smile Bar.    Located on the back fence, Annex side.

             *  The Internet @ Route 23, on the Asoke Corner side, closed down.

    13 Night Market    (Atop the original Thermae digs)
    (April 2003 - March 2005   - Now closed down.)

                 *  No changes that month / year.

    Easy Square   (Deep in Soi 22)
    (Closed down May 2005   )

             *   The Dao Bar Beer closed and reopened.                  


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    Dee Jack
    6 ft high x 13 ft

    Graffiti #683
    Grape To Graff
    6 ft high x 9 ft

    Graffiti #684
    Midnite Graper
    15 ft high x 23 ft

    Graffiti #685
    Walter Sir
    8 ft high x 11 ft

    Graffiti #686
    8 ft high x 29 ft

    Graffiti, Graffiti , and more Graffiti - Bangkok's original graffiti Site !

       The MIDNITE HOUR Graffiti Page is prepared by Staff Contributor "Boge" Hartman .

    (Boge's photo, above, is not a graffiti per-se, although there are those who have insinuated....   - Ed)

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