Soi 26 - Stayin' alive

01 February 2014
William R.  Morledge

February's Nightlife News
Bangkok's Bars - 20 Years Ago  
A Smile in the Land of Smiles.
Ask Us: Khlong Toey by any other name...
Graffiti  -BKK's Midnite Vandals - #98

         After almost seven years, Midnight Hour returns to Sukhumvit Soi 26.   As always, we ask ourselves the same question : has this Nitespot area developed to the point it would qualify as an 'Expat Night Entertainment Area'?   As we have noted in times past, the criteria for determining this are ours, and to some small extent, arbitrary.   This month, we put Soi 26 to the test - has it reached "critical mass"?   Are the Nitespots in a contiguous area (reasonably accessible to one another) ?   Is it a "destination" - somewhere a nightcrawler could go and be able to spend an entire evening?


         Our re-survey of Soi 26 took several hours, due to it's length, and some relatively recent developments at the Rama IV end of the Soi (more on that later).   We did notice some growth since mid-2007, and we noted that there were a number of 'quality' venues (and by this, we mean obviously 'high investment' establishments, not necessarily the 'service' provided).

         Virtually all the growth in number of Nitespots since our original survey was in the form of Japanese venues, and almost all of those were massage parlors or Japanese karaokes.   Were we to 'bend the rules', to select an entertainment area made up almost entirely of Japanese massage parlors, we would most certainly have to concede that Soi 26 was a Night Entertainment Area.   And it is likely that Japanese patrons going for a meal at a Japanese restaurant, then going for massage at a Japanese massage parlor, and then spending the rest of the evening in a Japanese karaoke, might consider Soi 26 as a self-contained Night Entertainment Area.

The Pink Panther Massage is hard to miss, with the life-size panther mascot at the front entrance.   (No relation to either The Pink on Patpong II or the franchise.)

         However, as the Midnight Hour is specifically geared to the historical aspects of the Night Entertainment Industry as affects the western expat, we could not in all honesty or fairness recommend Soi 26 as having met the criteria for a full evening's entertainment for visiting or resident expats.


         Nevertheless, for those of you interested in a change of pace, you would be well advised to check out the scene at Soi 26 - as not all the venues are Japanese oriented (especially those on the Rama IV side).   Also, many Japanese style venues do welcome others.   Below are further examples of some of the Nitespots on Soi 26.

The Angel Massage as some of you may remember, is a transplant from Washington Square. They seem to be holding their own at their 'new' digs here on Soi 26.

The 101 Premier Massage is one of the larger, better appointed massage parlors on Soi 26.   All are welcome.



The Yorimichi - one of the survivors - has been at that location for at least the last 7 years.


The Homm Spa has weathered the storm - it is one of the few Nitespots that appears on our original 2007 survey.


The Lucky 49 Hotel is (partly) an ST hotel, and is the oldest 'Night Spot' on Soi 26.

         As can be seen from the map immediately above, there are three very large areas designated A Square and K Village and Nihonmachi.   These are expansive sprawl-malls that have been around for a couple of years, but are just now starting to grow into their skins, figuratively speaking.   Of the three 'sprawl-malls' (single storey/ two storey, and very spread out), the A Square now has a number of relatively new Night Entertainment Venues.   We would be missing a bet if we didn't predict that over the next couple of years, the A Square will develop into a self-contained Night Entertainment Area in it's own right.   The compound has plenty of parking area - in fact more than can be economically justified (we will see what develops.....)

The Neann Restaurant & Pub is an indoor-outdoor venue, conducive to outdoor drinking and eating.   Mostly Thai and farang clientele.

The Maverick is a two storey multi-purpose venue, with a restaurant, upstairs bar and a disco/ karaoke at the rear.   Thai & farang clientele.

The Yunomori Onsen Spa is a very large, well appointed Japanese (as if you couldn't guess) massage parlor.

What's in a name?   Apparently there is a goodly number of farang that enjoys wine drinking at the Wine I Love You - even during the week.   Most of the customers prefer sitting outdoors in the expansive patio area in the cool of the evening.

The K Village, an equally large sprawl-mall is mostly two storey shopping, to include a Villa Supermarket.   Although it does not have Night Entertainment to speak of, there is a single Wine Tasters bar which is popular with the local Expat community.

The Nihonmachi is the third of three large commercial areas at the end of Soi 26.   Mostly Japanese-oriented shopping and restauranting.


In her daytime job, February's Thai Smile is a delight to small children.

The Marriage Tree

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 Historical Minutiae Dept.

Khlong Toey Moniker
One of the few remaining photos of Khlong Toey's Mos Qui To Bar
and Venus Room.

Hi there,

      I'm writing a screenplay thatís set in Thailand.   I'm wondering if thereís a nickname that the locals use to refer to Khlong Toei Port?   

      I have a scene where one of my characters makes a slang reference as to where heís going, and I want one of the other characters to figure out that heís referring to the Khlong Toei Port based on what he said.

   Any help you can offer would be very much appreciated.


Greetings, T.

      In a sense, it is the other way around.   By way of background, Khlong Toey is a district name - one of the Bangkok administrative districts.   If someone said they were going down to Khlong Toey, it could mean (inferred strongly) that they were going to Khlong Toey Port, however, Khlong Toey is also well known for other things - for example, a large 'local' market and a large slum.   (You didn't say what timeframe your screenplay would cover, but should an expat have said that he was going to Khlong Toey back in the 1960 - 1980 timeframe, it would have been a virtual certainty that he was going to the bars at Khlong Toey Port.)

      There are/ were no nicknames the local expats use/ used for Khlong Toey Port (at least, none that have 'survived' to the present day).   However, if, for example, one would say, 'I'm going down to the Port,' a likely assumption would be the port at Khlong Toey, however that could be an incorrect assumption, as it might mean somewhere else, and even if it were in Khlong Toey, one would need to specify which part of the port.

      If your screenplay takes place in the past, a character might say he was going to "the Mosquito" for a couple of beers (for example) and it would have been understood to be the Mosquito Bar : the only Mosquito Bar was in Khlong Toey - at the port.   Likewise, if a character said he was going to the Seaman's Club or to the Venus Room, any Bangkok resident would have understood that he meant either of those bars at Khlong Toey Port.   There are currently no expat bars in Khlong Toey Port, however the Seaman's Club still exists as other than an expat Nitescene venue.   


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    'Boge' Hartman
    Historical Research
    * Zootramp Publications

    Let the February 2014 Follies  begin...
    BANKOK EYES' Expat Night Scene.

       PATPONG  I  
    The cost of doing business...

          The Lust Bar & Club, already open downstairs in the Radio City digs, thought they would open upstairs (in the old Lucifer's) on New Year's, however there have been some delays....   After reading the above salaries for the various vacancies, one has to ask; If a part-time coyote dancer can get B1,000/ day for each day, why would she want to work by the month and only make B9,000 ?   Looks to me like a freelancer could make triple the money in any given month.   (Quite apparently, there is more to this than meets the eye.....)

      PATPONG  I  

                Both the King's Castle 3 and the King's Body House were closed when we passed by at the end of the month.   Giving them the benefit of the "Chinese New Year" doubt, we will have another look at the end of this month, and get back atcha.   We note that usually the King's Group 'go all out' on Chinese New Year, with each of their Nitespots vying for best decorations and costumes.   This year, virtually nothing.   Doesn't look good.
      PATPONG  I  

                The King's Camelot was also closed, but this was not related to Chinese New Year.   A rep from the King's Group noted they were having trouble keeping the number of dancers up.   He thought this was because of the 'emergency situation'.   The King's Group have sent the remainder of the staff around the corner to the The Club Karaoke.   He said, however, that they would be opening the King's Camelot on some days.....    Doesn't sound good....
    - File photo           
      PATPONG  I  

                The Pussy Collection has closed it's doors for the foreseeable future.   They have sent the remaining dancers down to Kiss for the time being, or perhaps for good..   Doesn't look good.
    - File photo           
      PATPONG  I  

      PATPONG  II  
                The De Talk has leased out the vacant next-door and have put in an adjoining Pool Bar.   May they prosper at the feet of the nightgods.
    - File photo        
      PATPONG  II  

                A "Lion Dance" troupe descends on the V. L. Gallery Bar Beer to bring it some Year Of The Horse good luck and to take away from it a few coins of the Realm.
      PATPONG  II  

                Vinai's Bar has expanded into the adjacent area (once home to the old Trade Winds Pub).   And from the looks of things, they are staying busy in spite of the nation's ongoing 'Emergency Decree".   May they persevere.
      PATPONG  II  

                The King's The Club is now going by the handle The Club Karaoke.   All else (other than the new neon) remains the same.   We'll endeavor to bring some additional photos in the near future. The rock continues to rock.
    - File photo        
      PATPONG  II  

       SOI  COWBOY  
    If it isn't prohibited...

          Soi Cowboy's resident Gendarmerie continue to protect us from ourselves.   Their latest posting, however, isn't for us, it's for the locals. The sign reads.
    Do Not Enter
    Sellers - Peddlers, Motorcycles, Pushcarts,
    Beggars and Children less than 18 years of age.
    Leave Soi Cowboy before 8:00 in the evening,
    And can return after 02:00 in the morning.
    Any transgressors will be fined - The Assistant Duty Officer

      SOI  COWBOY  

     NANA   PLAZA   
    Door Art Of The Month

             The Candy Land neon - what can we say, other than, "Wow".   And they aren't even open yet.   They were originally going to open at the first of the month, then the 5th.   Never mind, by the time you read this they WILL be open....   The Candy Land are taking over the real estate of the previous G-Spot.   Welcome them to the neon circus.

    NANA  PLAZA - (Sukhumvit  SOI  4)

     SOI  NANA  
                 The After Dark was closed at the end of the month when we passed by - but all looked intact on the inside. We'll keep our ear to the ground - we suspect they will be reopening.   Located in the Rajah Hotel Compound.
    - File photo           
      SOI   NANA   

                 The Good Massage was battened down - only darkness shone out from within.   Located in the Rajah Hotel Compound.   Only time will tell if they will reopen....
    - File photo           
      SOI   NANA   

                 The OK Massage has opened new in the Rajah Hotel Compound.   Wish them all aces and faces as they enter the fray.

    Photo to follow

      SOI   NANA   

      SOI  KATOEY   
                 The For Fun has gone and done an excellent job of decorating for the Chinese New Year.   Credit where it is due.
    SOI  KATOEY  - (SILOM  SOI  4)

      SOI  22  
                 The Analisa Massage has sprung back to life - this time around as the Analisa Massage PM.   'PM'?   Don't ask, we don't know, either.   Welcome them back to the wolfpack.
    SOI  22 - (Sukhumvit)

                 The Fah Hair Cut, Massage & Beauty is located at the Fee Far Massage.   May they continue to slip and slide.
    SOI  22 - (Sukhumvit)

                 The new Lucky Bar (& Massage) has opened up just across the Soi from New Cowboy.   Wish them luck as they take on the night demons.
    SOI  22 - (Sukhumvit)

                 A "for the archives" shot of the Japanese Kaede Club venue.
    SOI  22 - (Sukhumvit)

                 Another "for the archives" shot of the Japanese Polaris club.
    SOI  22 - (Sukhumvit)

                   A couple months back, we noted in this column that something was in the wind at this location; they had put up a banner indicating they would need staff.    This month the Top Up 33 Bistro Wine Bar opened with a flourish.   It looks to be three floors, however the top floor doesn't appear to be in use at present.   Welcome them to the sharkpool.


                   The short-lived Premier has closed it's doors, and the Moulin Rouge, which was originally in those digs, has returned.   Welcome them back to the fray.
    - File photo           

                   Karaoke 9 has pulled up stakes and shuffled on down the road.   Is it just me, or does a Sea Food Restaurant combined with a karaoke that has Sheesha smoking sound like it was going to be a loser from the git-go?
    - File photo        

                   Last month, we noted in our column that the Club New Fushicho had closed - and we heard this would only be for a short period - while renovations were carrying on.   Now we hear they are not going to be returning.   Getting to be a common story.   The Fushicho has a long history - it started out upstairs in Nana Plaza in the mid-80's.   It was located at the rear on the second floor.   It would later move out to Soi 33, and the Madisons Pub-Lounge would take it's place at NEP.   Later, Madisons faded, and it became the G-Spot - and now the new Candy Land.

    - File photos            

                   The Naree Massage had lights out, doors locked the other night when we passed by.   Before we expunge their names from the rolls, we will check back and make sure they hadn't closed for the Chinese New Year or perhaps the election....
    - File photo           

                    The Doublewide (in the Apoteka building), opened only a couple of months ago, was closed when we passed by the other evening.   Hmm... wait and see.   We'll remove them from our list for the time being, but if they have closed for holidays, we will make note and advise all next issue.
    - File photo            

                    The Banana Club has reopened after a one month (or perhaps less) closure.   As the sign says, 'Massage for men by men', - an indication, of course, that it is a massage for gays.

                    The only two Nitespots at the Queen's Park Plaza that were open on the eve of the election were the Baan Beer and the Lek Massage & Spa.
    - File photos           
       QUEEN'S  PARK  PLAZA -   SOI 22

      SOI  EDEN  
                The Caribbean (2) has opened in the old The Country digs.   Their signage indicates that they are a seafood / Thai food restaurant, however, their primary function is a bar beer.   More power to them.   Wish them luck as they attempt to grab the brass ring.
    SOI  EDEN -  Soi  7/1 Sukhumvit

                The @ Chai Massage celebrated the coming of the Year of the Horse in grand style.   The remains of thousands of firecrackers cover the earth below their Chinese New Year decorations.   May they persevere.



     20 YEARS AGO  :

    Bangkok Eyes goes back in time to see
    Who was new - And who was through
    in the Expat Night Entertainment world.
    How many of these old 'oases'
    do you remember ?

    Note to readers; Beginning this month, Midnite Hour commences our review of "The Scene" twenty years ago ( previously '10 years ago' ).

    Patpong I
       *   Ann's Sexy dropped the "Sexy" becoming just Ann's.   An unnamed rip off bar now occupies those upstairs digs (next to the Thigh Bar).

       *  The Smile Club was then under construction in what was previously the Mars Party House (Originally the Napoleon).   Those digs today now occupied by the new Lust Bar & Club.

       *  The upstairs Takara Bar opened in the ex Bar Playboy digs.   It was located next to today's Takara Massage.   At a future date, it would be absorbed by Takara Massage, which is still there today.

    Patpong 2

       *  The Cin Cin Pub & Restaurant opened newly in the old Banana Bar & Restaurant.   It is now the Le Buchon.

       *  The Torino opened in the old Chin Juku, making it two "Torino's" on this Soi.   It was located in half of what is the Crystal Palace today.

       *  The P D opened in the old President New Lobby Club.   It was located on the 4th floor of the 'Cosmos' stairwell' (opposite Foodland).   There is no Nitespot at that location presently.

       *  The New Perfect Pub & Restaurant opened in the old New Papillon,    It was located on the 4th floor of the 'Cosmos' stairwell' (opposite Foodland).   There is no Nitespot at that location presently.

       *  The Blue Label up on The Ramp closed down.   It was located in today's Cozy Club digs.

       *  The Counter Patpong opened newly in the closed out Old Time Pub up on The Ramp.   It was located where The World (Linda's Place) now resides.

    Soi Cowboy

       *  The Red Diamond, one of Cowboy's founding bars, having been closed since the previous May 1993, started renovations on what would soon become Big Blue.   Located where Fanny's now calls home.

    Nana Plaza
       *  The X.T.C. (Originally it was to be dubbed New York Junk Co.) opened newly in the far right corner of Nana Plaza where today's Rainbow 2 now holds court.

       *  Bubble Gum opened newly (can it have really been twenty years?!).   Their real estate was eventually absorbed by the next door 'sister bar' Lollipop, which is still there today.

    Soi Katoey (Silom Soi 4)
       *  No changes that month / year.

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    Bangkok Nightlife





    Banksy graf damaged again

           It seems Banksy graf pieces have become popular targets for defiling.   Three months ago in New York City, Banksy was 'performing' his Better Out Than In gig - whereby each day at some unannounced location he would put up a single new graffiti or graf 'installation'.   His project would last for one month.   Even before he had finished his roving exhibition, at least four of his pieces had been damaged, for the most part, by other graffiti artists, who most certainly were not getting up to a million dollars for the sale of their spraypainting efforts (as did Banksy recently).

    The "Before & After" pics of the painted-over Banksy graffiti piece in Utah.
    - Received as unattributed works - all rights to copyright holder, if any.     

          And again, early last month, the two remaining (of the original four) Banksy pieces in Park City, Utah were damaged by a person(s) unknown.   Banksy put up those pieces at the time his film Exit Through The Gift Shop was being screened there at the Sundance Film Festival in 2010.   One of the remaining pieces was entirely obliterated (see above), while the other was protected from noticeable damage by the protective glass covering.

    This Banksy piece was protected from damage by the glass window covering.   The shattered glass is barely visible in the pic.
    - Received as unattributed works - all rights to copyright holder, if any.     

          A great deal has been made of this "vandalism of vandalism", to include Park City television news crews interviewing shop owners, people on the street and policemen.   But to the graf artist, this seems to be a bit of "created controversy" - any graf artist with any street experience at all (and this would include Banksy) knows of the extremely temporary nature of graffiti.   Rarely does a piece of graffiti last more than a year or two (and usually much less than that) - usually by overpainting by other graf artists, but if not, then the weather degrades the works, or a bulldozer removes the structure.   Implicit in the definition of graffiti is that it has no guarantee of survival.   Additionally, many graf artists are finding it hard to generate any sympathy for Banksy, especially when they see reproductions of his graffiti selling like hot cakes for US$ 50 (and up) on New York street corners.   

          More power to Banksy, a true artist in his own right, a sage and humorous observer of our times and condition, and a shrewd businessman.   But let's hold off on the phoney remorse, the trumped up controversy and news stories, and the feigned sense of 'great loss' because some graffiti got spraycanned over.

    - And now to Midnight Hour's own brand of Bangkok Graffiti ....

    Graffiti #694
    Remembering (It's Everything)
    8 ft high x 43 ft

    Graffiti #695
    1 ft high x 1 ft

    Graffiti #696
    23 ft high x 46 ft (new only)

    Graffiti #697
    Mixed Media Monk
    6 ft high x 8 ft

    Graffiti #698
    Acid Reflections V
    6 ft high x 14 ft

    Graffiti #699
    Martian Pretzel
    6 ft high x 23 ft

    Graffiti #700
    Capt. Mallardica
    6 ft high x 6 ft

    Graffiti, Graffiti , and more Graffiti - Bangkok's original graffiti Site !

       The MIDNITE HOUR Graffiti Page is prepared by Staff Contributor "Boge" Hartman .

    (Boge's photo, above, is not a graffiti per-se, although there are those who have insinuated....   - Ed)

    --- Datzit Fernow

           William R. Morledge


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    (OUR 2002 TEST COLUMNS :)
    01 FEB -    February: Big Changes In Bar Scene
    09 JUN -    Sukhumvit Square 'Explosion'

    20 JUN -    Soi 22's Queen's Park Plaza
    01 JUL -    Clinton Plaza - Already Dead?
    01 AUG -    Bar Beers Now "Major Players"
    16 AUG -    September: Bar Beers Gaining Ground
    01 SEP -    A Go-Gos A-building
    17 SEP -    Virtual Bars
    01 OCT -    A History In The Making
    01 NOV -    Pool Bars Come Of Age
    01 DEC -    February's Night Follies
    15 DEC -    Genesis: Sukhumvit's Night Scene
    - 2001 -
    20 NOV ( The Seminal Emails )

    Copyright 2002 - 2014,   BANGKOK EYES /

    Copyright 2002 - 2014,   BANGKOK EYES /
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