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01 February 2021
William R.  Morledge

February's Nitelife News
Bangkok's Bars - 20 Years Ago  
A Smile in the Land of Smiles.
Reader's Corner: 'Tahitian Queen Reopens'
Bangkok's Graffiti Update  - #177
            Bangkok Eyes continues to monitor the Coronavirus situation locally and abroad in order to provide our readers with current cautionary data, and to provide realistic expectations as to timeframe(s) for a safe reopening of Thailand's Night Entertainment Scene.   As we went to press' last month, the temporary shut-down of Thailand's Night Entertainment had four more days to run - at which time (4 January) things would return to normal (as we experienced early December).   Little did we know this would be just the beginning of the Night Entertainment blackout...
The Ghost-Town that was Patpong 1 Road
               No one could have foreseen the extent to which the Coronavirus had spread through the factories in the industrial estates in the adjoining Samut Sakhorn Province.   Nor did anyone predict the extent to which the virus would 'leak' to most other provinces in the country.   In mid-January, we were given a glimmer of hope that Thailand would be administering vaccine by mid February.   As is typical, that was not to be - now the authorities are saying it will be sometime in March- perhaps   By the time 4 January rolled around, authorities had extended the Night Enertainment lockdown to, and, now, through the end of January into February.

               While we can already see first-hand much of the direct damage to the Entertainment Scene, as evidenced by the number of permanently closed Venues, there is no telling how much of what we knew as 'Bangkok Entertainment' will remain after the virus is under control.

               Below is the initial formulation by the authorities on easing of the Covid restrictions by the Bangkok Metropolitan Authority.   These same conditions were mimicked by the National Government (based on critical assessments) on 28 January (effective 1 February).   The one exception for Bangkok's Entertainment Sector is restaurants will now be able to stay open later, and sell take-out alcoholic beverages.   Huh (!?)
Partial Easing Of Restricted Venues / Functions
Effective 22 January 2021 - Bangkok Only

Venues / Functions reinstated by Bangkok Metropolitan Authority
for Bangkok, as of 22 January 2021

1.   Game consoles. Must wear masks.
2.   Game Rooms / Internet 'cafes'
3.   Elderly Care facilities - with reduced activities.
4.   Sports / competition fields - no boxing, horseracing or spectators.
5.   Function Rooms / Catered functions.   Not over 300 persons
         without obtaining prior permission from BMA Health & Safety.
6.   Amulet sales markets / areas
7.   Beauty parlors, inclusive of ear /body piercing.
8.   Fitness centers - no personal trainers, no steam/sauna
9.   Traditional Thai massage / foot massage / spas - no steam baths
10.    Boxing Gyms - practice sessions only, no competitions, spectators
11.   Bowling alleys, skating rinks, no spectators
12.   Dancing schools
13.   Martial arts studios - no competitions, no spectators

Venues / Functions remaining off-limits as per
Bangkok Metropolitan Authority for Bangkok, as of 22 January 2021

1.   Entertainment Venues
2.   Children's playgrounds
3.   Playground apparatus - (swings, etc)
4.   Boxing Stadiums
5.   Snooker halls
6.   Horseracing courses
7.   Rooster fighting venues
8.   Fighting fish venues
9.   Buffalo fighting venues
10.   Children day-care centers
11.   Steam Bath facilities
12.   Infant care nurseries
13.   Amusement parks
14.   Tutoring / teaching establishments

            As stated last month, currently, no reasonable projections can be made as to when the Coronavirus (and the even-more destructive effects of government-induced 'Coronaphobia') will subside to a semblance of normalcy.   It is becoming more obvious by the day that the "isolation model" of beating the Coronavirus is not only not working, it is destructive in nature.   Should Thailand's return to normalcy, in particular, 'tourism' be delayed much longer, many more Nitespots and hotels will not be able to survive.
Coronavirus Overview
01 February 2021
      This February Bangkok Eyes continues our ongoing review & analysis of the global figures, to include Thailand - touching on several 'typical' individual countries.   For purposes of comparison, this month, as in months past, we are updating data for the same countries previously reported.

      In followup from last month, the below "The Case for the Sweden Model" amplifies our comments on Sweden last month.   After a year of consistent data, we have selected Sweden as the "Benchmark" due to their no-lockdown posture, their other proven methods to control contagion and their adequate medical care (both quantitative and qualitative), and of course, consistent reporting. It is noted that Sweden's First and Second wave were typical, globally, for timeframe, but strikingly, although the now-diminished 2nd Wave had a greater number of infections, the number of deaths were less than the 1st Wave (area under the curve).   Combine this with the early rise and plateauing of medical treatment, there is the strongest argument that the Swedish model is reflecting 'herd immunity'.   All this is significant statistically, while also proving our ongoing premise that the Coronaphobia (and it's 'isolation mania)' is worse than the Coronavirus.   This becomes most apparent when comparing with Nations more seriously affected by Coronavirus, but insist on continuing with "lockdown" policies.
      This February Bangkok Eyes continues our ongoing review & analysis of the global figures - as well as several 'typical' individual countries.   For purposes of comparison, this month we continue to update data for the same countries previously reported.   Note: 'typical' countries are so selected because of their accurate record-keeping and, not coincidentally, their implementation of internationally recognized precautionary and medical treatment procedures used in containing the Coronavirus.   It is immediately apparent from the graphs below that the Coronavirus is far from gone, even as worldwide figures indicate a minor downturn.   Going forward, it will be necessary to continue to observe the already-proven protocols for viral containment - social distancing, wearing of masks, personal and area cleanliness.   A very real 'expectation' is that if the number of new infections per day in Thailand continues to stay at current levels, we will not see any meaningful easing of lock-downs, local travel restrictions and other restrictive regulations.

      As the above upsurges and declines are recent, we have used both 'new case' and 'death' data to best illustrate the actual trending by the most accurate and visually observable means.      Bangkok Eyes has reproduced the above information as a public service - this information is readily available to the public on the Internet and through other sources.   This information is not to be construed as a prediction, or an estimate, or a projection relating to changes in the prevalence of the Coronavirus, either as to length of time, location or severity.

Charts sourced from and W.H.O. data.

             *We note the local Thai Night Entertainment Areas are open and doing reasonably well, as, of course, their main source of custom is not foreign tourism.   (Examples of local Thai Nitespot Areas: Sri Nakarin South, Soi Thonglor, Soi Udomsuk, Soi Ekamai, RCA.)


February's Thai Smile is most friendly...

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Join the 'Comments' page...

Photo copyright Tahitian Queen
   READER :  
      Read this afternoon that the "TQ" in Pattaya closed.   Then that was confirmed when I read it in Bangkok Eyes.   I didn't spend a lot of time in the TQ as that spot was mostly "afternoon & cocktail hours" drinking.   I found out early that if I indulged early and late afternoons, there was no night upright.   Like Dracula, I did my best work at night......   At one time I was going to move to Thailand and open a bar with a friend named Fred Huff.   He's now passed on, but he worked at the TQ as a day manager for a time.   He fuc!ed that up as he did almost everything else.   We were going to buy a bar on Soi Pattayaland.   My idea was to give it a N'Awlins theme.   Then work on the rest of the bar owners in the Soi for a yearly Mardi Gras.   Fred and I met with Woody a number of times.   The deal fell though.   I later found out that the guy selling the bar didn't own it.   Lucky for me.

      We don't know if we were first out last month with the 'news' that the Tahitian Queen (TQ) had closed, but we were the first to have confirmed it with 'The Horse's Mouth' prior to publishing.   At the time, there had been been a lot of activity behind the scenes regarding plans to reopen the TQ as soon as a semblance of normalcy returned.   This included discussions on the possibility of taking on a non-managing partner(s), and a GoFundMe, which was reportedly doing yeoman's service, at least toward paying the rent - an 'institution' like the TQ couldn't just let wither and die...

      We have, just hours ago, been informed by the owners that the GoFundMe was able to raise enough money to get the TQ back up to break-even, and they will be reopening on Friday, 12 February 2102 - Good Lord willin' and the cricks don't rise.
   READER :  
    This is just out on his Sunday blog, so you may not yet know.   Stickman, your strongest competitor is no longer publishing.   Can't blame him, when there is next to nothing to talk about with the bars closed, and no tourists even if the bars were open.   Hopefully Bangkok Eyes will continue publishing?

      Thanks for writing in, but, we need to read Stickman's latest column carefully - there is a very good chance he will be returning once Thailand is back to 'normal' (whatever that may end up being).   Note that his website is staying up online, so there is always a lot of reminiscing of times past to be done until such time as Stickman (hopefully) returns to the 'ether'.   We note in passing that Stickman is not a competitor in any sense, our two websites are 'same-same, but different'.   The Bangkok Eyes is not commercial in any sense, and our 'Prime Directive' is recording the Nightlife history - whereas the more popular Stickman column covers entertainment in general.   Rather, he and I have long been more like 'co-conspirators' - both our sites produce original (rather than 'derivative') material - there is way too little of that these days.   As long as the Bangkok Eyes writers remain able-bodied and not thrown out of country PNG, we will continue to blog-on...
Sobhraj (left).      Chowdhury, who was last seen in Germany 1976 (right).   Photos in Public Domain
   READER :  
      You may be interested to learn that the BBC television in the UK have just started to air a series on the remarkable story of Charles Sobraj.   Wanted for multiple murders in Thailand, Sobraj used to pick up his victims in the bars of Patpong in the early 70's.
      You may recall that Sobraj was arrested in his apartment following a tip off from the Dutch and British Embassies and that passports of people missing were found in his safe.   Sobraj was let out on bail and was never seen in Thailand again. The Bangkok Post allegedly made accusations that a bribe had been paid.
      I look forward to seeing how close the television drama will be to the facts..

      Many thanks for the heads-up.   Many of us will remember when Sobhraj stalked the Nightlife Scene in Bangkok and Pattaya in 1975.
      However, contrary to what most 'recall' of the "Charles Sobhraj Story", Sobhraj and his partner-in-crime, Ajay Chowdhury were more active in Pattaya than in Bangkok.   (At the time, this writer was living in Pattaya.)   According to best information from all sources, Sobhraj and Chowdhury were the two actual perpetrators of the murders.   Sobhraj, Chowdhury and the rest of the small group of acolytes were headquartered in a Pattaya resort at the time most of their Thailand victims perished.
      As far as records are known, their first victim (there may have been others) was Teresa Knowlton, who was lured by Sobhraj to Pattaya from Bangkok - her corpse was found there in Pattaya, burned.   Next was Jennie Bollivar, who refused to become part of the cozy little group - she was found floating in the bay, just outside Pattaya in her flowered bikini.   Vitali Hakim was next - he was found burned on the roadside near the Sobhraj / Chowdhury 'headquarters'.   Dutch students Henk Bintanja and Cornelia Hemker, acting on an earlier Hong Kong invitation to visit Sobhraj, came to Pattaya that same year, and were later found strangled and burned - reportedly after Sobhraj and Chowdhury began to fear they were being found out.   The last known death at their hands was that of a Miss Charmayne Carrou, who came to Pattaya to search for her already dead boyfriend, Vitali Hakkim.   She was summarily drowned, as was the second victim, in her flowered bikini.   It was then that authorities connected all the dots, and the Sobhraj / Chowdhury murders became known as the 'Bikini Murders'.
      The series you refer to is The Serpent, an 8-part mini-series on BBC, which commenced on 1 January, and is ongoing.   Note: "Serpent" should read, "Serpents", shouldn't it...   It is seen, so far, to be a relatively accurate portrayal.   Interested parties can Google it.
Photo copyright - creator.   Free download.
   READER :  
    Your January blog was spot-on - nowt going on in the big bars, they're bleepin' blacked-out!   But I, and a couple of mates, roaming the lesser quarter have found a couple doors cracked open, allowing a quiet sup, or three.   I guess it would be fair to call them speakeasies, like in the old American gangster films?   I think for discretionary purposes I'll hold off on putting names to those not-so-public houses, but jest to let you know, seems there's always a way to get down the pub.

      Indeed, accounts such as yours are reaching our ears, and while out on our 'rounds' this month, we stopped by at no less than 6 of those 'speakeasies' of which you speak, obliquely, and we have noted the existence of several others.   While there is, in fact, the romantic notion of the old speakeasies, there is a common lament at those sparsely populated Venues - they've got no money for rent, they've got no money to pay the staff - they have to stay open, or they are gone.   We are not taking sides here, but the authorities need to understand what works and what doesn't.   And one of the things that historically does not work (from our old Viet Nam days) is, "We had to destroy the village in order to save the village."
Thanks for reading and for writing in.
Don't hesitate to send your questions and comments - always welcome.
Note: Text may be edited for brevity and/ or clarity.
'Reader's Corner' moderator -

'Boge' Hartman
Historical Research
*   Zootramp Publications


Let the February 2021 Follies  begin-

               At the end of December 2020, due to a sudden surge in the Coronavirus 'new cases' in Thailand, the authorities put a freeze on the Nightlife - no bars, pubs, karaokes or specialty massages (or "similar facilities") - along with the lockdown of Samut Sakhorn Province.   The 'freeze' was to continue until 4 January.   That 'freeze' of Nitespots was not terminated then - instead, it was extended through January, and is currently in effect.   To add insult to injury, prospects of a timely reopening of the Entertainment Industry have further deteriorated due to an indeterminate delay in commencing Covid vaccinations.       We note an increasing number of Nitespots going out of business (not just temporary closing-down for Covid).   The case (already made elsewhere around the globe) against 'across-the-board isolation' is being re-proven here in Thailand.   Reopening - with proper precautions - if not implemented soon, will see a runaway economic disaster in the Entertainment (and related) sphere.
      Due to the number of Night Entertainment Venue closures for the month of January, our surveys for the 1 February issue will concentrate on those Nitespots that have reopened - and remain open.    All other Venues not specifically mentioned were, and are closed (either permanently or awaiting legal reopening).

            Is the below video clip too dark?   We had to lighten it up considerably to make it even moderately visible - it is that dark.   The only places open were the 7-Eleven, Hanuman Traditional Massage and the Derby King Restaurant - even the Madrid was closed.   

            The Black Pagoda, once it reopens, will be offering something for the 'regulars' and for the first-time visitors.   Gives new meaning to 'A Get-Acquainted-Offer'.   Third level, just above the Patpong Museum.


             The French Kiss was one of two venues open on Patpong 2 Road.   The other was the Le Buchon.    Other than that - blackout...   Both qualifying as 'restaurants', and both French owned.   If it couldn't be ordered in a coffee cup, it couldn't be served....   Ahennh..

"Dark" is not the word...   No one should ever have to see Soi Cowboy in such a state - not a single Nitespot open durning January (and this includes Crazy House, around the corner on Soi 23).   The only barely visible facility was the Kazy Kozy where staff were eating outside on the soi.

             Just outside the entrance to Soi Cowboy, someone brought an umbrella and a table, and borrowed an electric light fixture.   It made for a perfect mini-snackbar.   Later, someone brough a couple of bottles of beer over, obviously purchased from outside somewhere...   Rock it up tonite...

             Nana Plaza was shut down in January, lock, stock and bouncer (some of whom milled around out front, wishing they could confront someone).   Authorities take note: - without enlightened policies, the entire Tourism industry could end up like this.

            The Swan 1 (file photo below) was one of a very few Nitespots to open in January - as a 'restaurant', of course....   The others were 'No Name Bar' bar beer and the Charmming Massage in Subsoi Big Mango, the T-Thai Traditional Massage, and Swan Massage deep in the Soi.   The rest of the Soi was shut down tighter than Alcatraz.

            Soi Katoey (Silom Soi 4) was the only Night Entertainment Area that had enough Venues open to attract customers.   Remaining open were : Banana, the Connection, the Telephone Pub, the Nakarat Massage, and G's Bangkok, and the Pride, also The Balcony, and the Fork & Cork.   All others remained closed, either permanently, or attempting to wait out the draught caused by the Coronavirus pandemic.   Proof, if more were needed, that having a 'restaurant licence' (sometimes referred to as a 'day license') would be a wise consideration for any future business plan......

 SOI  22  
            Good news to see Buddy's Bar & Grill reopening.   Except for Wine Depot (just below), all the rest of the Nitespot Venues that reopened in January were massage parlors (and a reported speakeasy or two, if one knew where to look).   Welcome back to the vicissitudes...
 SOI  22  

            The Wine Depot was also able to open (as a restaurant) this last January.   Welcome back to the endless sleep...
 SOI  22  

            Below are the Massage parlors that were able to reopen in January.   (All other Night Entertainment on the Soi was shut down through January by local decree...)
*   Healthy Relax
*   AW Massage
*   (Unnamed Massage)
*   Smile Massage
*   Asia Massage
*   Nice Massage 1 & 2
*   Wild Orchid Massage
*   Bear Hug Momiya .
*   Chaowang Massg .
*   Fah Massage & Nail.
*   Anatasia Massg
*   Dive Massage
*   Bangkok Passion
*   Kiss Bangkok 2
*   Exotic Massage
*   Hana Massage .
*   Miss Nieko Massage
*   Marigold.
*   Mekkhala Massage
*   Healing In Thai Massage
*   Lek @ 22 Massage
*   Dio Massage & Spa
 SOI  22  

            The recently newly opened Sukkho Massage (shown below) and the Bai Po, the Suntaree and the Niraon massage parlors, all located in Soi 11/1, reopened in January.
 SOI  AMBASSADOR  (Sukhumvit Soi 11) 

            Other Massage Parlors that were able to reopen on the main Soi Ambassador in January.   The remainder of Soi Ambassador was closed down tightly.
*   Smile Jasmine
*   Ban Thongdee
*   Phoenix Massage
*   Mon Spa
 SOI  AMBASSADOR  (Sukhumvit Soi 11) 

  SOI  7  PLAZA  
(And the Soi 7 Bier Garten)
            Amidst the darkness, one bright light shone forth....   The Soi 7 Bier Garten (with exterior lights doused) was functioning as usual - nay, way better than it has for over two years - customers, freelancers and beer...   Don't ask, we haven't the foggiest...

             The most esoterically named After Sammy Bar has not only closed, but they have gone out of business (their stall has been removed - and a Vietnamese Restaurant has replaced it.)   Greener grass ladies...


            We further note here that an additional six "closed" bars were serving ala 'speakeasy'.   (Perhaps we will be able to be more specific in a future issue.)

            The 666 Class specialty massage, mentioned last month as 'newly opened' have completed their signage installations.... looking good.   Yes, they are still open...   A pic for the Archives.
 SOI  DEAD   ARTISTS (Sukhumvit 33) 

            If and when it opens - the Honey will be taking over the steam-and-cream duties from the previous Love & Service Massage (Mitu BKK).   On Sub-soi 4.
 SOI  DEAD   ARTISTS (Sukhumvit 33) 

            The 33 Society, after spending several million baht on top-to-bottom renovations, opened last September..... for a few days.   They would open on occasion after that, apparently for functions.   They have been closed all of January, and are now up for sale.   Yet another Covid casualty...
 SOI  DEAD   ARTISTS (Sukhumvit 33) 

            The upstairs Dozo Massage reopened in January - with some new, brighter signery.   Rub-a-dub-dub.
 SOI  DEAD   ARTISTS (Sukhumvit 33) 

            Other Nitespots reopening in January on Soi Dead Artists (Soi 33 Sukhumvit Rd).   (Venues not shown herein remain in 'closedown' status indefinitely.)
*  Kyoto Massage
*  Charming Massage
*  My Raku Massage
*  Top Thai Massage 2
*  Daisy Dream Massage
*  Dream Heaven Nuru Gel
*  Akane Fashion Massage
*  Dream Heaven Massage
*  Po Massage
*  Tenderloins / Bistro 33
*  Rakuten
*  Kocho Ran Massage
*  Thanks Massage
*  Japanese Snack Bar
*  7-Heaven Massage
*  33 Bangkan
 SOI  DEAD  ARTISTS (Sukhumvit 33) 

            The Kawinya Massage and the Good Time Massage & Salon (and the unnamed massage next to it) reopened in January.   May they continue to slip and slide.   All other Venues - not shown here or below, have either closed permanently, or are closed, waiting out the 'lockdown' of Bangkok's Nightlife.
 SOI  EDEN  (Sukhumvit 7 / 1) 

            The Dalah Massage reopened in January, but "lights out".   Perhaps because they are not 'traditional massage'....   Let 'em work it out... gotsta get paid.
 SOI  EDEN  (Sukhumvit 7 / 1) 




With thanks to Cool Text

Bangkok Eyes goes back in time to see
Who was New - And Who was Through
in the Expat Night Entertainment World
How many of these old 'Oases'
Do you remember ?

Patpong I
February 2001

   *  No changes that month / year.

(Total Nitespots that month: 34 )

Patpong 2
February 2001

   *  Up on The Ramp the Jack Pub & Karaoke opened newly that month.   No Venue currently exists at that location.

(Total Nitespots that month: 58 )

Soi Cowboy
February 2001

   *  Baccara opened, brand new, in the then-recently closed Bluebird Club.   The Baccara remains at that location today.

   *  My Lady Bar (a pool bar) opened newly in what was part of the Country Road.   The Country Road would eventually re-absorb My Lady, and remains at that location today.

(Total Nitespots that month: 33 )

Cowboy Annex
(Asoke Corner + Asoke Plaza)
[ ~June 1998  to  04 February 2005 ]
February 2001

   *   The Boomerang Bar bar beer reopened.   It was located along the side fence.

(Total Nitespots that month: 21 )

Nana Plaza
February 2001

   *  On the ground level, Sugar Beat closed for renovations.   It was a small bar beer located outside Hollywood Rock.   No Nitespot is currently at that location (since the closing of the London Calling).

   *  On the 3rd level, Beverly Hills closed permanently - its real estate absorbed by the next door Carousel Bar - Hollywood Strip.   The Billboard currently occupies that location.

(Total Nitespots that month: 41 )

Soi Katoey
( Silom Soi 4 )
February 2001

  *  The Ibiza Bar closed that month.   It was located where Welcome Bar now hangs its shingle.

  *  The Film opened only one month, closed to become the Exposure.   It was located where today's 4 Sport is now keeping shop.

  *  The upstairs Om Trance Club closed that month.   That real estate is currently occupied by Hugs Bar-Karaoke.

(Total Nitespots that month: 16 )

Soi Dead Artists
( Sukhumvit Soi 33 )
February 2001

  *  The Japanese bar Setsu Getsu opened newly.   That entire area has recently been leveled, and is now under redevelopment.

  *  The Blue Sky Club (Japanese) located on the 2nd level of Peep In Park (now S-33 Compact Hotel) reopened its doors after a one-month closure.

  *  The Lucky Luciano's, located at the front of Peep In Park opened after a long renovation.   No Nitespot currently occupies that property.

  *  The 33 Center (to include its massage parlor) reopened after a one-month 'holiday'.   Currently the Akane Fashion Massage occupies that frontage.

(Total Nitespots that month: 26 )

Buckskin Joe Village
(~ December 1988  to  9 June 2006)
(Also called 'Tobacco Road',  'Soi Rot Fai',  'The Tracks',  'Soi Zero' & 'Machim' [Thai] )
February 2001

   *   - No changes that month / year.

(Total Nitespots that month: 20 )

Washington Square
(~ April 1999  to  April 2014)
February 2001

   *   The Japanese Oak Club opened newly between The Prince Of Wales P&G and the New Square One Pub.

(Total Nitespots that month: 17 )

Clinton Plaza
(Originally ''Entertainment Plaza'')
[ ~February 1999  to  June 2003 ]

February 2001

      *   A favorite of many, the 2nd level Coco Loco (in the main building) closed its doors for the last time...

      *   Bouncing back yet again, the Wind Mill (Kangaroo) reopened.   They were located outside, against the rear of the main building.

      *   Suzy & Crazy Bar opened newly in the just-closed Love Scene bar beer.   Located outside against outer wall.   It would be the first of several 'Suzy' bar beers (serially, at Sukhumvit Square, Asoke Plaza, Sukhumvit 1 Plaza, and Soi Nana (@ Soi 6), none of which remain open today.

(Total Nitespots that month: 21 )

''13 Night Market'' Entertainment Area
(Originally 'Old Thermae Compound')
[ April 2000 - March 2005 ] 

February 2001

      *  All Nitespots - CLOSED during renovations.

(Total Nitespots that month: 0 )


Oce Upon
A Time


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Christopher G. Moore















































But is it ....ART ?

Check out Bangkok's dedicated page at "BKK" <link>


      Last month, we featured 'Shoreditch', a London district sporting a bustling Nightlife (when not hiding from the virus), and also boasts of a notorious 'graffiti wall'.   Our article reached those far shores of London, where amateur-professional photog Mr Slee saw our layout - and was prompted to send in a generous sampling of his London graffiti photographs.   Obviously in spite of the Covid lockdown, some rather spectacular murals are being thrown up on legal - and other - walls.   Follows is a sampling of what might be experienced while cruising 'Slee's London Town'.

With thanks to Cool

Graffiti #1228
Coronaphobia 44
7 ft high x 9 ft

Graffiti #1229
7 ft high x 14 ft

Graffiti #1230
7 ft high x 8 ft

Graffiti #1231
Madly Layered
11 ft high x 13 ft

Graffiti #1232
6 ft high x 13 ft

Graffiti #1233
Layer Cake
6 ft high x 13 ft

Graffiti #1234
6 ft high x 14 ft

Bangkok Eyes is an historically based news outlet, and as such, all graphic excerpts herein are considered, under current legal precedents and
prevailing interpretations, 'Fair Use' under Copyright Law.   Copyright of any original artwork resides exclusively with the artists.

Bangkok's original site !

SINCE  2005

Graffiti Page is prepared by Staff Contributor "Boge" Hartman.

(Boge's photo, above, is not a graffiti per-se, although there are those who have insinuated....
- Ed)

--- Datzit Fernow

William R. Morledge


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- 2019 -
01 JAN -   Soi 71 + "W District"
01 FEB -    Back to Soi 26
01 MAR -   Soi 1 & Soi 3
01 APR -    Mizu's of Patpong
01 MAY -    Mississippi Twins
01 JUN -    Gay Patpong ? -Twilight Gone
01 JUL -    Bars - 50 Years On
01 AUG -    Soi 8 Reviste
01 SEP -    Copyright & the 'Net
01 OCT -    Historic Honolulu - Chinatown
01 NOV -    The Patpong Museum
01 DEC -    Queen's Park Fades - Soi 7 Opens

- 2018 -
01 JAN -   The Pub Crawl
01 FEB -   Bobby Passes On
01 MAR -    Nana - The Plaza - The Soi
01 APR -    Soi Dead Artists - Downsizing?
01 MAY -    Soi's 5, 7, 7/1 Eden
01 JUN -    Soi 24 - Going Nowhere
01 JUL -    Street Bars - They're Back
01 AUG -    Udorn in the 60's & 70's
01 SEP -    Potpourri - Odds 'N Ends
01 OCT -    Khao San + Rambutri Rds.
01 NOV -    Night Market Sri Nakarin
01 DEC -    Soi 23 - Running Hot
- 2017 -
01 JAN -   Soi 22 - the Survivor
01 FEB -    Hua Hin Nights
01 MAR -   Hooking-Up
01 APR -    Soi Than Tawan
01 MAY -    Our Saloon-Count Surveys
01 JUN -    Soi Bua Khao
01 JUL -    Soi 8 - Work In Progress
01 AUG -    NO PHOTO (more or less)
01 SEP -    Stickman Calls 'Time'
01 OCT -    Sweet Black Angel
01 NOV -    Thai King At Rest
01 DEC -    The Dark Arts

- 2016 -
01 JAN -   Railway Bazaar
01 FEB -   Sukhumvit Square Justice
01 MAR -    Paint the Neon Night
01 APR -    Udom Suk Reviste
01 MAY -    Soi Thaniya
01 JUN -    Soi Thonglor Re-up
01 JUL -    Massage Parlor Row
01 AUG -    Check Inn 99
01 SEP -    Pattaya A Go-Go
01 OCT -    Bangkok's Nitelife Maps
01 NOV -    Nitespot Demographics
01 DEC -    Pattaya's Soi 6

- 2015 -
01 JAN -    A Go-Go Bar Ratings
01 FEB -    Are Cops Gouging Nitelifers?
01 MAR -   Bad Company
01 APR -    LK Metro - Pattaya
01 MAY -    Soi 33 goes East
01 JUN -    Rachada Fades
01 JUL -    Freelancers
01 AUG -    Nana Plaza Map 2015
01 SEP -    Soi Nana Map 2015
01 OCT -    Walking Street - Pattaya
01 NOV -    Rachada - The Giant
01 DEC -    A Go-Go's Story

- 2014 -
01 JAN -   Bangkok's Got The Blues
01 FEB -   Soi 26 - Stayin' Alive
01 MAR -    Nightscene rues Mob
01 APR -    My Friend owns a Bar...
01 MAY -    Soi's 3, 5 and 7
01 JUN -    Curfew's Costly Cut
01 JUL -    Soi 13 Makes It's Move
01 AUG -    Pattaya Does The Twist
01 SEP -    Soi's 18 & 20 - Quieter is Better
01 OCT -    Soi's 10 & 14 - Lesser known Sois
01 NOV -    A Good Old Boy...
01 DEC -    Lang Suan & Sarasin

- 2013 -
01 JAN -    Not Fade Away - The Survivors
01 FEB -    Rare Old Photos
01 MAR -   Copa Reprise
01 APR -    Arise, Soi 22
01 MAY -    Where to Next ?
01 JUN -    Bangkok Noir
01 JUL -    MAPS - The Major Update
01 AUG -    Lamai Lamai Lamai
01 SEP -    Tim 'Wanchai' Young
01 OCT -    Soi Wall Street
01 NOV -    Little Thonglor - Soi 11
01 DEC -    Mississippi Queen

- 2012 -
01 JAN -    Mama-San
01 FEB -    Our 10th Anniversary Issue !
01 MAR -    How Gay Nana ?
01 APR -    Sukhumvit' Soi 23 - The Big Picture
01 MAY -    Khao San Road - Unique Bazaar
01 JUN -    Ekamai - It Used To Be Too Far
01 JUL -    Nightlife Pioneers
01 AUG -    The New Puritans
01 SEP -    Nana - On It's Own
01 OCT -    FAIL - War on Nitespot Drugs
01 NOV -    Patpong Unbroken
01 DEC -    Drugs & the Nightscene in History
- 2011 -
01 JAN -    Patpong's 'Glory Days'
01 FEB -    Nightlife In A Digital Age
01 MAR -    Co-Co Walk Plaza
01 APR -    Soi 33 Marches On
01 MAY -    Nightlife Permissiveness
01 JUN -    Ghosts of Nitelife Past
01 JUL -    STATE - The Cinema, Soi & Area
01 AUG -    Soi Darling
01 SEP -    Sri Nakarin South
01 OCT -    Soi 8 Reprise
01 NOV -    Floodless in Bangkok
01 DEC -    Soi Udomsuk

- 2010 -
01 JAN -    Street Bars II - The Triple-Dip
01 FEB -    Our Kind Of Art - II    - Chris Coles
01 MAR -    The Dead Artist Bars - Soi 33
01 APR -    "Soi Ginza" - Thaniya Road
01 MAY -    Night Scene Blues (Red Shirts 1)
01 JUN -    Nitespots Recover Slowly (Reds 2)
01 JUL -    World Cup Special
01 AUG -    Those Old Photos
01 SEP -    The German Invasion
01 OCT -    Racism & Prejudice
01 NOV -    Soi 11 Revisited
01 DEC -    Soi 22 Updater

- 2009 -
01 JAN -    The Santika Fire
01 FEB -    Salt & Pepper
01 MAR -    Nana Plaza - Update & Maps
01 APR -    Soi Nana Update
01 MAY -    The Nightscene & The Riots
01 JUN -    "19" Re-Focus
01 JUL -    Rain Dogs - The Underground
01 AUG -    Soi Thonglor - A bridge-too-far
01 SEP -    Ban Chang - Our Little Secret
01 OCT -    The "Ginza Effect'
01 NOV -    Royal City Avenue (RCA)
01 DEC -    Sutthisan & The Inthamara's

- 2008 -
01 JAN -    2007 - Looking Back
01 FEB -    Owning A Bar
01 MAR -    Expat's Bangkok
01 APR -    Nude Dancing
01 MAY -    After Midnite
01 JUN -    Night Scene In Flux
01 JUL -    Our Kind Of Art
01 AUG -    Trendy Plaza Reprise
01 SEP -    The Elephants Are ....Back
01 OCT -    Grand Prix Intro
01 NOV -    Grand Prix - Rick's Story
01 DEC -    "Old Bangkok Hand"

- 2007 -
01 JAN -    Bombs Blast Bangkok
01 FEB -    Bangkok's Nightscene Websites
01 MAR -    Prasitipol Dance Bar To Fall
01 APR -    Soi 5 Neon Review
01 MAY -    A Go-Go Bangkok
01 JUN -    Arise ! Soi 11
01 JUL -    Anatomy Of A Bar Area
01 AUG -    Soi 26 - Too Far ?
01 SEP -    Chuwit Guilty
01 OCT -    Daytime Nana Plaza
01 NOV -    Cowboy - All Of It
01 DEC -    Another Nitespot Area Falls

- 2006 -
01 JAN -    Pattaya Ascending
01 FEB -    A Go-Go Then & Now
01 MAR -    ' Madrid '
01 APR -    White Heat
01 MAY -    Politics & Nightlife
01 JUN -    Fagin's Bratpack
01 JUL -    King Bhumibol's 60th Anniversary
01 AUG -    Soi 10 - The Final Shaft
01 SEP -    Pattaya's Soi Bua Khow
01 OCT -    Rachada's Other Face
01 NOV -    Soi 22s Other Bars
01 DEC -    Soi Eden Goes A Go-Go

- 2005 -
01 JAN -    Asoke Plaza Crushed
01 FEB -    The 'Nana Scene'
01 MAR -    Asoke Plaza Smashed Again
01 APR -    Sukhumvit 1 Plaza 'Arrives'
01 MAY -    Welcome 'Soi Eden'
01 JUN -    Bangkok's Bareback Riders
01 JUL -    Soi 22 - A Macro View
01 AUG -    Nana's Slide
01 SEP -    Cowboy Street Scene
01 OCT -    The Pattaya Run
01 NOV -    Soi 19 In Focus
01 DEC -    Bad Girls

- 2004 -
01 JAN -    Bangkok's Darkest Year
01 FEB -    Where Is Trink ?
01 MAR -    Soi 33 Just Won't Stop
01 APR -    Cracks In The Crackdown
01 MAY -    In The Zone
01 JUN -    "Night-Scene Jumbos
01 JUL -    Easy Square 'On The Map'
01 AUG -    Soi 1 Entertainment Plaza
01 SEP -    Khlong Toey Revisited
01 OCT -    Koh Samui's Night Scene
01 NOV -    Soi 1 Opens
01 DEC -   The Bangkok Pub Scene

- 2003 -
01 JAN -    Cowboy Crackdown
01 FEB -    Sukhumvit Square Smashed
01 MAR -    Soi 10 Survivors
01 APR -    War & The Night Scene
01 MAY -    Entertainment Blues
01 JUN -    '13 Night Market' Reborn
01 JUL -    Clinton Plaza Falls
01 AUG -    Soi 24 Nightscene Review
01 SEP -    Does Soi Nana Measure Up?
01 OCT -    Patpong - Legend & Myth
01 NOV -    Easy Square 'Launched'
01 DEC -    Soi Cowboy Urine-Swoop

- 2002 -
01 FEB -    January: Big Changes In Bar Scene
09 JUN -    Sukhumvit Square 'Explosion'

20 JUN -    Soi 22's Queen's Park Plaza
01 JUL -    Clinton Plaza - Already Dead?
01 AUG -    Bar Beers Now "Major Players"
16 AUG -    July: Bar Beers Gaining Ground
01 SEP -    A Go-Gos A-building
17 SEP -    Virtual Bars
01 OCT -    A History In The Making
01 NOV -    Pool Bars Come Of Age
01 DEC -    November's Night Follies
15 DEC -    Genesis: Sukhumvit's Night Scene

01 JAN -    Seminal Survey -Paradisio Closes
- 2001 -

01 JAN -    Baccara opens in Cowboy
01 FEB -    Club Habanos Closes - PP1
01 MAR -    farang Connection Closes - Nana
01 APR -    Rock Hard BB Open - Clinton Pl.
01 MAY -    Las Vegas Opens - Cowboy
01 JUN -    'Wall Street' Opens - Soi 33
01 JUL -    Vixens Closes - Nana
01 AUG -    6 A Go-Go's Shut - Clinton Pl.
01 SEP -    Pussy Collection Opens - PP1
01 OCT -    Girl Friend Closes - PP1
01 NOV -    Rainbow III Opens - Nana
01 DEC -    White House Reopens - Clinton Pl.

- 2000 -

JAN -    'Cowboy Annex' Starts Up
FEB -    Agogo 2000 new at Nana
MAR -    Flowers - Clinton's 1st A Go-Go
APR -    Angel Witch new at Nana
MAY -    Dubliner now at Washington Sq
JUN -    Coco Loco opens at Clinton Pl.
JUL -    Bottoms Up new at Nana
AUG -    Crack House opens at Clinton Pl.
SEP -    Doll House / White House open at Clinton
OCT -    Rock Hard to open at Clinton Pl.
NOV -    Big Dogs opens at Nana
DEC -    Lolita opens in Cowboy Annex

- 1999 -

JAN -    Masquerade Closes @ Nana
FEB -    "Entertainment Plaza" Start-Up
MAR -    SuperStar is PP SuperBar !
APR -    Washington Square goes Critical
MAY-    New Klymaxx closes (Cowboy)
JUN -    'Wet Lips opens (Cowboy)
JUL -    Sam 2000 opens (Cowboy)
AUG -    Monica's opens (Clinton Plaza)
SEP -    Muzzik Cafe open on PP1
OCT -    No Probl'm now Cat's Meow
NOV -    Titty Twisters opens at Nana
DEC -    Londoner Brew Pub new on Soi 33
- 1998 -
JAN -    Nancy Bar opens on Floor 2, Nana
FEB -    Tabasco Charlies opens - (NEP)
MAR -    Cowboy 2 is a 'Pizzaria' - Soi Cowboy
APR -    New A Go Go Duck opens - Cowboy
MAY -    Raw Hide opens on Cowboy
JUN -    Para Disio opens - Floors 2 & 3 - NEP
JUL -    Patpong Cafe opens - PP2
AUG -    'Funny Girls' becomes 'Girlfriend' - PP1
SEP -    Masquerade opens on 3rd Floor - NEP
OCT -    Virgo opens on Cowboy
NOV -    Obsession, Beverly Hills, Red Lips open
DEC -    Lucifer Disko Tk opens atop Radio City

- 1997 -
JAN -    'Hot Rods' opens @ Nana
FEB -    Crazy Lady closes (Nana)
MAR -    3 Lounges closed - 'The Ramp'
APR -    Blue Sky Bar closes - PP1
MAY -    Crackdown at Nana
JUN -    Crystal Palace opens - PP2
JUL -    Limelight closes - PP1
AUG -    Rainbow II opens @ Nana
SEP -    Cowboy's Butterfly Gone
OCT -    Shadow drops Crazy Jack (Cowboy)
NOV -    Hollywood 2 now on 3rd Floor (NEP)
DEC -    Susies opens @ Buckskin Joe Village
- 1996 -
JAN -    Shooters opens on 3rd Floor (NEP)
FEB -    XTC Closes, then Reopens (NEP)
MAR -    Tapas back on line (Soi Katoey)
APR -    Long Gun expands (2X) [Cowboy]
MAY -    Apache reopens on 'The Boy'
JUN -    Pink Panther "upstairs" closes
JUL -    Iconic Mike's Place gone...
AUG -    Upstairs Touch Bar closes (PP1)
SEP -    Pharaoh opens in NEP carpark
OCT -    Spirit House opens in NEP
NOV -    Crazy Lady opens in NEP
DEC -    Long Gun 2 opens (now Rawhide)

- 1995 -
JAN -    PP1 Butterfly Closed
FEB -    Camelot Castle Opens
MAR -    NEPs Bubble Gum gone...
APR -    Tiny 'Imagine' Closed
MAY -    (Quietest month on record)
JUN -    NEPs Mon Cherie axed
JUL -    Play Skool opens (NEP)
AUG -    Opium Club new on The Ramp
SEP -    D.L Irish Pub (ex: Bamboo's)
OCT -    NEP 3rd Floor Opens
NOV -    Klymaxx 2 opens on Cowboy
DEC -    Chick's opens upstairs (PP1)
- 1994 -
- 1993 -
JAN -       -
FEB -       -
MAR -   Saloons - More Areas Added
APR -    Saloons -Adding "Nana"
MAY -    Red Diamond Closed
JUN -    Saloons - Tomatohead Closes
JUL -    Pretty Lady A Go Go
AUG -    Mars Party House closed
SEP -    Matterhorn & Star Pub
OCT -    Sawasdee Cocktail Lounge - New
NOV -    Thigh Bar name change
DEC -    Smile Club to open...
- 1990 -
JUN -   Buckskin Joe - Initial Survey

- 1989 -
01 JAN -    (Coming Soon)
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