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01 January 2021
William R.  Morledge

January's Nitelife News
Bangkok's Bars - 20 Years Ago  
A Smile in the Land of Smiles.
Reader's Corner: 'Blame It On Disco'
Bangkok's Graffiti Update  - #176
        The previous month Planet Earth continued to experience a rise in the numbers of new Coronavirus cases and deaths.   The world saw this as a continuation of the "Third Wave" which had just become visible the preceding month.   But the unanticipated surprise was Thailand's recent outbreak, and it's immediate impact on the Nightlife Scene.   Thailand had been in its 'lockdown bubble' for several months, with no new cases arising from within the country.   The only new cases were found on Thai returnees and the few VIP foreigners coming from abroad, (who were promptly quarantined.)   We had come to trust that as long as we remained in our 'quarantine bubble', the Coronavirus would continue to pass us by, and we would be able to 'wait it out' until a vaccine could be produced.   This, of course, was an unrealistic expectation.   (Continued below...)

            As Thailand's rainy season phased into the cool season, the rivers forming much of the border with Burma slowed to a trickle, thereby facilitating illegal border-crossings by Burmese looking for work in Thailand.   To compound matters, Thai fishing boat owners in the Gulf were hiring illegal Burmese fishermen, scores of whom were found to be infected.   Needless to say, Thailand's 'isolation bubble' had been thoroughly popped.   Coronavirus cases started showing up slowly at first, then became a torrent.   Aggravating the problem, the Burmese, afraid of retribution and repatriation, were lying about their origins and prior whereabouts, making back-tracing nearly impossible.

            The above chart shows clearly the upward trending of the new wave of Covid-19 now hitting Thailand.   Only a month ago, the announcements of coming vaccines and virtually nonexistent local Coronavirus figures were cultivating a "light-at-the-end-of-the-tunnel mentality".   Now, once again, Thailand's Nightlife, hotels and economy in general are in a state of disarray - bars are closing, the few hotels that have reopened are experiencing cancellations.   Currently, no reasonable projections can be made as to when the Coronavirus (and the even-more destructive effects of 'Coronaphobia') will subside to a semblance of normalcy.   Should Thailand's return to normalcy, in particular, 'tourism' be delayed much longer, many more Nitespots and hotels will not be able to survive.
            As we enter the New Year, citizenry of the world continues to be cowed by the Coronavirus-Coronaphobia double-whammy imposed by the authorities of virtually all countries.   It goes without saying that universal border lock-downs - without also taking into account that body of current epidemiological science will continue to destroy tourism worldwide.   We at Bangkok Eyes continue to monitor the Coronavirus situation locally and abroad in order to provide our readers (in particular, those planning to travel to Thailand), with current cautionary data, and to provide realistic expectations as to timeframe(s) for a safe reopening of Thailand's Night Entertainment Scene.
Coronavirus Overview
01 January 2021
      This January Bangkok Eyes continues our ongoing review & analysis of the global figures - as well as several 'typical' individual countries.   For purposes of comparison, this month, as in months past, we are updating data for the same countries previously reported - with the exception of Sweden, which we are showing for the first time.   Sweden has not (yet) imposed any 'lockdown' remedies - while adhering to other controls - therefore a certain perspective can be gained by comparing Sweden's trending with other countries shown herein.   Note: 'typical' countries are so selected because of their accurate record-keeping and, not coincidentally, their implementation of internationally recognized precautionary and medical treatment procedures used in containing the Coronavirus.   It is immediately apparent from the graphs below that the Coronavirus is far from gone, even as worldwide figures indicate a possible plateauing.   Going forward, it will be necessary to continue to observe the already-proven protocols for viral containment - social distancing, wearing of masks, personal and area cleanliness.   A very real 'expectation' is that if the number of new infections per day in Thailand continues to increase linearly, we will see ever-increasing lock-downs, local travel restrictions and other restrictive regulations.

      As the above upsurges and declines are recent, we have used both 'new case' and 'death' data to best illustrate the actual trending by the most accurate and visually observable means.      Bangkok Eyes has reproduced the above information as a public service - this information is readily available to the public on the Internet and through other sources.   This information is not to be construed as a prediction, or an estimate, or a projection relating to changes in the prevalence of the Coronavirus, either as to length of time, location or severity.

All charts sourced at from W.H.O. data.

             *We note the local Thai Night Entertainment Areas are open and doing reasonably well, as, of course, their main source of custom is not foreign tourism.   (Examples of local Thai Nitespot Areas: Sri Nakarin South, Soi Thonglor, Soi Udomsuk, Soi Ekamai, RCA.)


January's Thai Smile is on fire...

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Join the 'Comments' page...

Photo copyright contributor
   READER :  
      I know you're not a Pattaya blog, but the most well known expat's bar in Pattaya, the Tahitian Queen has just closed, if the information I am getting on Facebook is accurate.   Have you heard anything your end?

      We have been in contact with the owner of the Tahitian Queen, and he has confirmed that they have in fact closed due to economic reasons.   He has given us permission to announce the closure in print.   Whether or not they have "returned the keys" remains to be seen.   Of course all of us, we longtime residents, are hoping against hope that it might someday reopen.
   READER :  
I finished it (my 'Five Decades Of Nana' video on YouTube) after almost 6 wks of visiting Nana.   It was awful, I swear! <LINK>
It's a must for all the old timers!   Thanks for the help on info and pics from the site.

      You are more than welcome.   A fun romp through Sukhumvit, 'then and now'.   We recognized a number of the photos.    (Note to readers - link to the video here.

Photo copyright contributor
   READER :  
    'Say I'm old fashioned, say I'm over the hill,' as Bob Seger might say, but music in the few remaining Gogo bars is No. 1 crap-ola, and No. 2 too goddam loud.   What ever happened to Gogo bars like the Madness or Crazy Horse or Mississippi Queen where they had rock music that the girls could dance to?   And what ever happened to the Gogo girls that actually danced instead of just lining up on the stage and swaying to nothing at all, while they talk to their girlfriends?   OK, disco, I get it - get stoned & get droned, until the full 120 decibels vibrate your feet off the floor.   But please tell me you know of a Bangkok Gogo bar that has actual Gogo girls dancing to actual music, and not that thump-thump techno?   And the music isn't so loud that you can't talk with a dancer or a mate?   Or am I just another dinosaur on the way out?

      Hmm, Madness, Crazy Horse... some of the old Patpong 'French Connection' - you do go back a ways.   We must admit we have received a number of similar laments...   Blame it on Disco.   The evolution of disco since the Second World War has gone through a number of sea-changes - each louder than it's predecessor.   In recent years, since disc jockeys at discotheques became super-celebrities (because, somehow, you deserve to be a 'celebrity' if you know how to play records), they 'make their mark' by being more 'fringe' and louder than the next guy.
      It is regrettable to many (not just you) that most of the A Go-Go bars in Bangkok (in an attempt to 'stay relevant') have adopted that same techno 'music' - and even intentionally play it too loud to carry on a conversation.   Unless the dancers are on bath-salts, there is no way they can dance to it, so they do the next best thing - they shuffle around.   Patpong 1's Safari reopened last month, then closed again (promising they would reopen this month), but for the few weekends they did open, they actually had music the dancers could dance to, and at about half the decibels of the techno joints.   But this is a big 'wait-and-see' - we are going to have to wait until this Coronavirus thing levels off...
   READER :  
     Maybe you can explain the unexplainable to a relative new guy.   I am reading that 21 people recently tested positive for Coronavirus in a Bangkok Karaoke that had 75 staff.   Of course the amount of Covid cases is alarming, but where I come from a karaoke is where a group of friends, or couples go to sing-along to recorded background music, and have a few drinks.   But 75 staff?   To do what?  -  Serve drinks and assist us with changing the music tapes?   What am I missing?

     In Bangkok, and indeed, Thailand in general, 'karaoke' on a sign in front of a Night Entertainment Venue doesn't mean just one thing.   One can visit the KTV karaokes, Karaoke Pubs, or Karaoke-Clubs.   Or, you can find scattered about Bangkok Thai-style single-shophouse 'karaokes' lit only by a string of Christmas lights and perhaps a Singh or Chang sign, or two (they may, or may not have a karaoke machine).   Or enjoy karaoke at Thai Entertainment Multiplexes* that can be found in RCA and on Sri Nakarin Road in Samut Prakan - among other locales.
* Entertainment Multiplexes haven't yet caught on in the Expat 'world of entertainment', but foreigners are welcome in these Thai establishments.   An Entertainment Multiplex can consist of a pub, a karaoke, 'models', a massage parlor, a disco, and or 'coyotes', and or featured live music - all under one roof.   Some, like Copacabana, even have 'weekender' rooms for rent...
      The 'rest of the story' is the varying, loosely defined functions of Thailand's karaokes.   In the case of the Nong Mai Karaoke in Pingklao (which would be typical), most of the 75 employees were young women whose primary purpose was to provide services to men for money...   Money talks...   More money talks more...
Thanks for reading and for writing in.
Don't hesitate to send your questions and comments - always welcome.
Note: Text may be edited for brevity and/ or clarity.
'Reader's Corner' moderator -

'Boge' Hartman
Historical Research
*   Zootramp Publications


Let the January 2021 Follies  begin-

               This month we enter Bangkok Night Entertainment's most chaotic period since its explosive growth in the 1960s.   But this current period is no 'growth period', it is in fact, just the opposite.   With Thailand entering its "Second Wave" of the Coronavirus Pandemic, we could in fact be seeing the beginning of the end.   On the one hand, we don't want to come off as melodramatic purveyors of doom, but on the other hand we are now in a position where there is no certain end in sight to the 'entertainment blight'.   While the coming vaccines will offer a yet-to-be determined amount of relief, we neither know the extent of that relief, nor how soon it will be realized to that extent.   If in fact we do not see a near-complete return to normal tourism before the end of the year, it could be too late for most of Bangkok's Nitespots.   This month, due to many Night Entertainment Venues being closed due to the 'selective' mandatory lockdown until 4 January, or, closing traditionally over New Year's, or, just plain gone out of business for economic reasons, we will be reporting Venue closures without comment, unless we know the specific details of the closure.   Should those closed venues reopen at a future date, we will provide a full report.

            Would anyone have imagined a year ago that the below photograph would portray Patpong 1 Road on New Year's Eve 2021?   The entire street had one A Go-Go bar open (Kiss), one massage parlor (Hanuman Massage), one bar beer (SuperStar) beer bar and one Restaurant Lounge (Madrid).   The street is in almost complete darkness, and at this juncture, we cannot say with any degree of confidence if, or when things will improve.

            The Safari Bar Disco - Go Go recently reclosed after having opened successfully for three weekends in a row in December.   They are planning to reopen 16 January.   A wait-and-see item...

            The Black Pagoda continues to innovate - with varied entertainment (in spite of the Coronavirus) - not to mention their excellent ad graphics.    Don't miss their Sunday Special...   Located up on the 3rd level, just above the Patpong Museum.


            The evolution of A Go-Go in Bangkok from 1967's The Naturist - to the Grand Prix's fully clothed A Go-Go behind a beaded curtain in 1969, to the introduction of bikinis and the 'chrome pole', to today's straight-out 'Pole Dancing' - and professional pole dancers for hire...   The beat goes on...   Below is a sampling of pole dancing at the Black Pagoda / Club Black this pre-Christmas season.

            New Closures, Patpong 2 Road, regardless of causes, during the month of December 2020.
*   Bada Bing
*   Glamour
*   Bangkok Massage
*   (An unnamed Pool Bar)
*   Dream Boy Paradise
*   Dream Boy Bangkok
*   Top Less Pool Bar / Thai Room
*   Tavern Two (Tony & Tooey)
*   Screw Boy
*   Pink Panther / The Pink Beer Bar
*   Matador (Linda) - On The Ramp

Soi Cowboy on New Year's Eve - partly open, mostly locked down.   The video clip below shows Shark having a tailgate party for staff (and any customers that came along - outside seating only).

            Soi Cowboy - New Year's Eve was more a hodge-podge of staff parties in the front, open areas of bars (which were technically closed until 4 January).   Only Country Road, the Five Star, the Oasis and The Corner (Live Music) were full-on busines as usual.

            New Closures, Soi Cowboy, regardless of causes, during the month of December 2020.   Note : many of these bars were "half open" celebrating New Year's in the open 'bar beer' areas with staff parties.
*   Spritz
*   Moonshine
*   Jungle Jim's
*   Suzie Wong
*   Cowboy 2
*   Cactus Club
*   Toy Bar
*   Lucky Star - Long Gun
*   Penny Black
*   @ Corner
*   Baccara
*   Shark
*   Sunshine
*   Lighthouse
*   Sam's 2000
*   Tilac

             "Happy New Year" in Nana Plaza 2021.   The only Nitespot open inside was the ground-level Nana Beer Garden in the central courtyard.   The 'epitaph drear'?   See the brief video clip below...   We'll be updating next round...

             It looks for all the world that the Rainbow 2 will be reopening in its old location (after a couple of months down time, and without any neon).   A lot will depend, of course, on when Nana Plaza reopens...

             The Nitespots fronting on Nana Plaza were open during the New Year's period.   Let 'em rock.    Hopefully things will remain unchanged....

             It looks like what was the Rainbow 1 is finished with its remodelling, and getting ready to open.   Staff on the ground say the new name will have the word, "Random" in it...

             If, and when the new bar that replaced Diamonds Bangkok reopens, we shall advise...

             New Year's Eve saw Soi Nana (Soi 4 Sukhumvit) unchanged from the previous month, with the exception of the reopening of Pine 26 Club.   In keeping with our ad-hoc 'Pandemic' policy, we are keeping Pine 26's status as "Open Sometimes".   So while we still can, let the good times roll...


            Soi Katoey (Silom Soi 4) was one of (only) two Expat Night Entertainment Area in Bangkok on New Year's Eve where every bar was open; there were no changes from last month's survey.   Business as usual, in spite of any partial lockdown edicts by the authorities over the New Near Holidays.

 SOI  22  
            A pic for the Archives.   The J. Star opened last month, in spite of the Pandemic, and are somehow keeping busy.   Gotsta get paid.
 SOI  22  

            Re-openings, Soi 22 during the month of December 2020.
*   Terminal 69 - a bar beer at the top of the Soi, (no sign).
*   Shag Bar - a bar beer at the top of the Soi, (no sign).
 SOI  22  

            New Closures, Soi 22, regardless of causes, during the month of December 2020.
*   Happy Bar
*   Bit Style Massage
*   (Unnamed venue)
*   Ampa
*   Chawang Massg
*   Paradise Massg - in Soi Lemongrass.
*   Honey Bee - in Soi Lemongrass.
*   Rita Massg - in Soi Lemongrass.
*   Bangkok Passion Massg - in Soi Lemongrass.
*   Exotic Bangkok Massg - in Soi Hana.
*   Hana Massg - in Soi Hana.
*   Dolla Massg - in Soi Hana.
*   The Connection
*   Am's Bar
*   SMCTM Men's Society - in Soi Titanium.
*   Siri Massg
*   Bar Black Pinkie
 SOI  22  

            The brand-new Hillary 11 has opened in the recently-closed (and recently completely renovated) Marshmallow Kitchen & Bar.   Located at the end of Soi Ambassador where it 'T's off left and right.   The nicest 'Hillary' yet...   Welcome to the machine...
 SOI  AMBASSADOR  (Sukhumvit Soi 11) 

            For the last few months we have tracked the three makeshift bar beers (the Tewly Cocktail 'group') that had appeared from seemingly nowhere in the now vacant land near to where Cheap Charlie's used to stand.   This last month, a fourth (nameless) bar beer sprouted like a dragon's tooth...    Welcome them to the sharkpool.   We find ourselves wondering how many such temporary Nitespots will pop up (before the developers commence with their 'improvements')...
 SOI  AMBASSADOR  (Sukhumvit Soi 11) 

            New Closures, Soi Ambassador (Sukhumvit Soi 11), regardless of causes, during the month of December 2020.
*   Sugar Late Night
*   Bafros
*   Praew Spa 2
*   Baan Puan Massage
*   Crave - in Aloft Hotel.
*   Levels - in Aloft Hotel.
*   Insanity
*   Phoenix Massg - in a small side-soi.
*   Chaba Massage
*   Mon Spa - in Soi Havana Social.
*   Brew Beers & Ciders - CLOSED permanently.
*   Bai Po Massage - in Soi 11/1
*   Niraon Massage - in Soi 11/1
 SOI  AMBASSADOR  (Sukhumvit Soi 11) 

  SOI  7  PLAZA  
(AKA "Nana Plaza @ 7")
            Last month we noted the opening of the new, and signless, Heaven bar beer.   This month they have 'signed-up', so-to-speak...   A pic for the archives, may they continue to rock & roll...


            New Closures, Soi 7 Plaza, regardless of causes, during the month of December 2020.
*   Meaw Meaw - CLOSED permanently, area absorbed by Big B's Bar.

            The Dream Heaven Nuru Nuru Gel specialty massage (previously located in the front of the S-33 Compact Hotel) has relocated to the top of Subsoi 4.   Modus operandi unchanged.
 SOI  DEAD   ARTISTS (Sukhumvit 33) 

            The 666 Class specialty massage has taken over from Hera's Massage specialty massage, which has just closed.   Rub-a-dub-dub...
 SOI  DEAD   ARTISTS (Sukhumvit 33) 

            New Closures, Soi Ambassador (Sukhumvit Soi 33), regardless of causes, during the month of December 2020.
*  33 Society - (OPEN SOMETIMES)
*  Dozo - In S-33 Compact Hotel.
*  Tsubaki Expatriate Japanese Club 2 - In Subsoi 6.
*  Tsubaki 33 - In Subsoi 6.
*  Tokyo - Reopened in December, but reclosed.
*  Daisy Dream Massage - In Subsoi 3.
*  Survey Entertainment
*  Akane Fashion Massage
*  Tenderloins / Bistro 33
*  7 Heaven - In Subsoi Pan Pan.
*  Club Kitty - In Subsoi Pan Pan.
*  RIP - In Subsoi Pan Pan.
 SOI  DEAD  ARTISTS (Sukhumvit 33) 

            An Archive photo of the Magic Table, one of the more popular bars on Soi Eden.   This last month, Soi Eden's inventory changed neither up nor down (one of only 2 Expat Nitespot Areas that remained unchanged.)
 SOI  EDEN  (Sukhumvit 7 / 1) 




With thanks to Cool Text

Bangkok Eyes goes back in time to see
Who was New - And Who was Through
in the Expat Night Entertainment World
How many of these old 'Oases'
Do you remember ?

Patpong I
January 2001

   *  No changes that month / year.

(Total Nitespots that month: 34 )

Patpong 2
January 2001

   *  Up on The Ramp the Royal Salute Cocktail Lounge closed its doors temporarily.   No Venue currently exists at that location.

   *  The Eden Garden Kama Sutra opened its doors for the first time that month.   They moved into the digs previously held down by Opium Den.   That real estate currently occupied by Dream Boy Bangkok.

(Total Nitespots that month: 58 )

Soi Cowboy
January 2001

   *  New A Go Go Duck (Juke's) closed for renovations   It would reopen in April of that year.   Today Shark operates out of that location.

   *  Susie Wong reopened after a one-month 'holiday'.   They are still at that location.

(Total Nitespots that month: 33 )

Cowboy Annex
(Asoke Corner + Asoke Plaza)
[ ~June 1998  to  04 February 2005 ]
January 2001

   *   The Friendship Bar bar beer opened newly in the just-closed Cat Bar.   It was located along the side fence.

   *   Lolitas (Yes, that Lolitas...) opened for the first time in Bangkok.   They were located along the back wall, behind in the 'Annex'.

(Total Nitespots that month: 21 )

Nana Plaza
January 2001

   *  On the ground level, Alibi, the 3rd bar beer to open in the 'parking lot' (or 'central courtyard') opened for the first time that month.   (Adjacent to Obsession.)   Today, the three bar beers that were located there are now the Nana Beer Garden.

(Total Nitespots that month: 41 )

Soi Katoey
( Silom Soi 4 )
January 2001

  *  The 114 Club was renovating that month, preparing to take over from the Escapé (which had just closed).

  *  The Film opened newly.   Today those premises are occupied by 4 Sport's.

  *  The The Underground Music Bar opened that month.   That real estate is currently occupied by Bas Living Room.

(Total Nitespots that month: 16 )

Soi Dead Artists
( Sukhumvit Soi 33 )
January 2001

  *  The Club Dali, the Richmond Club Lounge, and Bacchus opened newly in the 33 Complex, which itself just opened for business.   Setsu Getsu (under construction) would soon open there also.   That entire area has recently been leveled, and is now under redevelopment.

  *  The Blue Sky Club (Japanese) located on the 2nd level of Peep In Park (now S-33 Compact Hotel) closed its doors.

  *  The Lucky Luciano's, located at the front of Peep In Park was nearing completion of construction, and would soon open.   No Nitespot currently occupies that unit.

  *  The Goya (yet another 'Dead Artists bar') opened newly in the just closed Martini Lounge digs.   No Nitespot currently occupies those digs.

  *  The 33 Center (to include its massage parlor) closed down.   Currently the Akane Fashion Massage occupies that frontage.

  *  The Fairy Club (Japanese Karaoke Club) closed.    No Nitespot currently occupies that shophouse.

  *  The Sa Thai Massage took over the reins from the Po Thai Massage that month.   The Po Thai Massage eventually returned, and is still there today.

  *  The Blue Marine Pub & Restaurant opened newly deep in Subsoi 5.   It eventually transitioned to the Cafe Buongiorno Bar & Restaurant.   Today those digs are home to Tenderloins / Bistro 33.

(Total Nitespots that month: 26 )

Buckskin Joe Village
(~ December 1988  to  9 June 2006)
(Also called 'Tobacco Road',  'Soi Rot Fai',  'The Tracks',  'Soi Zero' & 'Machim' [Thai] )
January 2001

   *   - No changes that month / year.

(Total Nitespots that month: 20 )

Washington Square
(~ April 1999  to  April 2014)
January 2001

   *   -  No changes that month / year.

(Total Nitespots that month: 17 )

Clinton Plaza
(Originally ''Entertainment Plaza'')
[ ~February 1999  to  June 2003 ]

January 2001

      *   Tivoli Terrace (run by SuperStar Frank) opened newly in the main building.

      *   Wind Mill (Kangaroo) closed shop.   They were located outside, against the rear of the main building.

      *   Rock Hard opened newly, located outside against outer wall.

      *   Hollywood East became Hollywood A Go Go East.   Also located outside against outer wall.

(Total Nitespots that month: 21 )

''13 Night Market'' Entertainment Area
(Originally 'Old Thermae Compound')
[ April 2000 - March 2005 ] 

January 2001

      *  All Nitespots - CLOSED during renovations.

(Total Nitespots that month: 0 )


Oce Upon
A Time


Click Here



*Click Here*
Christopher G. Moore















































But is it ....ART ?

Check out Bangkok's dedicated page at "BKK" <link>


      The District of Shoreditch (East End London) has been an 'entertainment center' since Elizabethan times (16th Century), when it hosted Shakespearean theater.   (What? You mean you haven't heard of it?)    In more recent years, in addition to the plethora of bars and pubs, it has also become a center for 'graffiti art' and 'artists'.   (What? You mean you haven't heard of this either?)

      Money, being 'Lord of All 'Progress'', the real estate developers Galliard secured a plot of land right downtown in the middle of Shoreditch - upon which they put up a £750 million 'luxury complex', which inlcudes 37 storeys of apartments, retail and office space.   The land it sits on also happens to include the discovered remains of Shakespeare's Curtain Theatre (yes, the original historic theater).   It also happens to be the site of Shoreditch's famous 'graffiti wall' (appearing in local guide books, etc.).

      In an effort to appease the natives (and the Historical Society), Galliard has incorporated Shakespeare's Curtain Theater into the highrise development as an 'historical attraction', and by way of further recognition, has renamed the entire development "The Stage".

      However, Galliard's gesture to the historical significance of Shakespeare's theater didn't pacify England's myriad graffiti artists in the least.   On hearing of the new development, the hue and cry went up in defense of the graffiti wall - how it was an important part of the local culture; how it was 'iconic', get the picture.   Galliard, hearing the cries, decided it would also keep the graffiti wall as part of the development.   How 'inclusive'...!   We can further report that all is well with both Shakespeare's theater, and the graffiti wall - at least, for now...

Above are photo exterpts from the The Evening Standard's <link> comprehensive website.

With thanks to Cool

Graffiti #1221
Election Day
7 ft high x 14 ft

Graffiti #1222
7 ft high x 3 ft

Graffiti #1223
Night Kiting
8 ft high x 30 ft

Graffiti #1224
Bad Medicine
7 ft high x 15 ft

Graffiti #1225
6 ft high x 8 ft

Graffiti #1226
8 ft high x 14 ft

Graffiti #1227
Eggs Benedict
8 ft high x 19 ft

Bangkok Eyes is an historically based news outlet, and as such, all graphic excerpts herein are considered, under current legal precedents and
prevailing interpretations, 'Fair Use' under Copyright Law.   Copyright of any original artwork resides exclusively with the artists.

Bangkok's original site !

SINCE  2005

Graffiti Page is prepared by Staff Contributor "Boge" Hartman.

(Boge's photo, above, is not a graffiti per-se, although there are those who have insinuated....
- Ed)

--- Datzit Fernow

William R. Morledge


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01 MAR -    Nana - The Plaza - The Soi
01 APR -    Soi Dead Artists - Downsizing?
01 MAY -    Soi's 5, 7, 7/1 Eden
01 JUN -    Soi 24 - Going Nowhere
01 JUL -    Street Bars - They're Back
01 AUG -    Udorn in the 60's & 70's
01 SEP -    Potpourri - Odds 'N Ends
01 OCT -    Khao San + Rambutri Rds.
01 NOV -    Night Market Sri Nakarin
01 DEC -    Soi 23 - Running Hot
- 2017 -
01 JAN -   Soi 22 - the Survivor
01 FEB -    Hua Hin Nights
01 MAR -   Hooking-Up
01 APR -    Soi Than Tawan
01 MAY -    Our Saloon-Count Surveys
01 JUN -    Soi Bua Khao
01 JUL -    Soi 8 - Work In Progress
01 AUG -    NO PHOTO (more or less)
01 SEP -    Stickman Calls 'Time'
01 OCT -    Sweet Black Angel
01 NOV -    Thai King At Rest
01 DEC -    The Dark Arts

- 2016 -
01 JAN -   Railway Bazaar
01 FEB -   Sukhumvit Square Justice
01 MAR -    Paint the Neon Night
01 APR -    Udom Suk Reviste
01 MAY -    Soi Thaniya
01 JUN -    Soi Thonglor Re-up
01 JUL -    Massage Parlor Row
01 AUG -    Check Inn 99
01 SEP -    Pattaya A Go-Go
01 OCT -    Bangkok's Nitelife Maps
01 NOV -    Nitespot Demographics
01 DEC -    Pattaya's Soi 6

- 2015 -
01 JAN -    A Go-Go Bar Ratings
01 FEB -    Are Cops Gouging Nitelifers?
01 MAR -   Bad Company
01 APR -    LK Metro - Pattaya
01 MAY -    Soi 33 goes East
01 JUN -    Rachada Fades
01 JUL -    Freelancers
01 AUG -    Nana Plaza Map 2015
01 SEP -    Soi Nana Map 2015
01 OCT -    Walking Street - Pattaya
01 NOV -    Rachada - The Giant
01 DEC -    A Go-Go's Story

- 2014 -
01 JAN -   Bangkok's Got The Blues
01 FEB -   Soi 26 - Stayin' Alive
01 MAR -    Nightscene rues Mob
01 APR -    My Friend owns a Bar...
01 MAY -    Soi's 3, 5 and 7
01 JUN -    Curfew's Costly Cut
01 JUL -    Soi 13 Makes It's Move
01 AUG -    Pattaya Does The Twist
01 SEP -    Soi's 18 & 20 - Quieter is Better
01 OCT -    Soi's 10 & 14 - Lesser known Sois
01 NOV -    A Good Old Boy...
01 DEC -    Lang Suan & Sarasin

- 2013 -
01 JAN -    Not Fade Away - The Survivors
01 FEB -    Rare Old Photos
01 MAR -   Copa Reprise
01 APR -    Arise, Soi 22
01 MAY -    Where to Next ?
01 JUN -    Bangkok Noir
01 JUL -    MAPS - The Major Update
01 AUG -    Lamai Lamai Lamai
01 SEP -    Tim 'Wanchai' Young
01 OCT -    Soi Wall Street
01 NOV -    Little Thonglor - Soi 11
01 DEC -    Mississippi Queen

- 2012 -
01 JAN -    Mama-San
01 FEB -    Our 10th Anniversary Issue !
01 MAR -    How Gay Nana ?
01 APR -    Sukhumvit' Soi 23 - The Big Picture
01 MAY -    Khao San Road - Unique Bazaar
01 JUN -    Ekamai - It Used To Be Too Far
01 JUL -    Nightlife Pioneers
01 AUG -    The New Puritans
01 SEP -    Nana - On It's Own
01 OCT -    FAIL - War on Nitespot Drugs
01 NOV -    Patpong Unbroken
01 DEC -    Drugs & the Nightscene in History
- 2011 -
01 JAN -    Patpong's 'Glory Days'
01 FEB -    Nightlife In A Digital Age
01 MAR -    Co-Co Walk Plaza
01 APR -    Soi 33 Marches On
01 MAY -    Nightlife Permissiveness
01 JUN -    Ghosts of Nitelife Past
01 JUL -    STATE - The Cinema, Soi & Area
01 AUG -    Soi Darling
01 SEP -    Sri Nakarin South
01 OCT -    Soi 8 Reprise
01 NOV -    Floodless in Bangkok
01 DEC -    Soi Udomsuk

- 2010 -
01 JAN -    Street Bars II - The Triple-Dip
01 FEB -    Our Kind Of Art - II    - Chris Coles
01 MAR -    The Dead Artist Bars - Soi 33
01 APR -    "Soi Ginza" - Thaniya Road
01 MAY -    Night Scene Blues (Red Shirts 1)
01 JUN -    Nitespots Recover Slowly (Reds 2)
01 JUL -    World Cup Special
01 AUG -    Those Old Photos
01 SEP -    The German Invasion
01 OCT -    Racism & Prejudice
01 NOV -    Soi 11 Revisited
01 DEC -    Soi 22 Updater

- 2009 -
01 JAN -    The Santika Fire
01 FEB -    Salt & Pepper
01 MAR -    Nana Plaza - Update & Maps
01 APR -    Soi Nana Update
01 MAY -    The Nightscene & The Riots
01 JUN -    "19" Re-Focus
01 JUL -    Rain Dogs - The Underground
01 AUG -    Soi Thonglor - A bridge-too-far
01 SEP -    Ban Chang - Our Little Secret
01 OCT -    The "Ginza Effect'
01 NOV -    Royal City Avenue (RCA)
01 DEC -    Sutthisan & The Inthamara's

- 2008 -
01 JAN -    2007 - Looking Back
01 FEB -    Owning A Bar
01 MAR -    Expat's Bangkok
01 APR -    Nude Dancing
01 MAY -    After Midnite
01 JUN -    Night Scene In Flux
01 JUL -    Our Kind Of Art
01 AUG -    Trendy Plaza Reprise
01 SEP -    The Elephants Are ....Back
01 OCT -    Grand Prix Intro
01 NOV -    Grand Prix - Rick's Story
01 DEC -    "Old Bangkok Hand"

- 2007 -
01 JAN -    Bombs Blast Bangkok
01 FEB -    Bangkok's Nightscene Websites
01 MAR -    Prasitipol Dance Bar To Fall
01 APR -    Soi 5 Neon Review
01 MAY -    A Go-Go Bangkok
01 JUN -    Arise ! Soi 11
01 JUL -    Anatomy Of A Bar Area
01 AUG -    Soi 26 - Too Far ?
01 SEP -    Chuwit Guilty
01 OCT -    Daytime Nana Plaza
01 NOV -    Cowboy - All Of It
01 DEC -    Another Nitespot Area Falls

- 2006 -
01 JAN -    Pattaya Ascending
01 FEB -    A Go-Go Then & Now
01 MAR -    ' Madrid '
01 APR -    White Heat
01 MAY -    Politics & Nightlife
01 JUN -    Fagin's Bratpack
01 JUL -    King Bhumibol's 60th Anniversary
01 AUG -    Soi 10 - The Final Shaft
01 SEP -    Pattaya's Soi Bua Khow
01 OCT -    Rachada's Other Face
01 NOV -    Soi 22s Other Bars
01 DEC -    Soi Eden Goes A Go-Go

- 2005 -
01 JAN -    Asoke Plaza Crushed
01 FEB -    The 'Nana Scene'
01 MAR -    Asoke Plaza Smashed Again
01 APR -    Sukhumvit 1 Plaza 'Arrives'
01 MAY -    Welcome 'Soi Eden'
01 JUN -    Bangkok's Bareback Riders
01 JUL -    Soi 22 - A Macro View
01 AUG -    Nana's Slide
01 SEP -    Cowboy Street Scene
01 OCT -    The Pattaya Run
01 NOV -    Soi 19 In Focus
01 DEC -    Bad Girls

- 2004 -
01 JAN -    Bangkok's Darkest Year
01 FEB -    Where Is Trink ?
01 MAR -    Soi 33 Just Won't Stop
01 APR -    Cracks In The Crackdown
01 MAY -    In The Zone
01 JUN -    "Night-Scene Jumbos
01 JUL -    Easy Square 'On The Map'
01 AUG -    Soi 1 Entertainment Plaza
01 SEP -    Khlong Toey Revisited
01 OCT -    Koh Samui's Night Scene
01 NOV -    Soi 1 Opens
01 DEC -   The Bangkok Pub Scene

- 2003 -
01 JAN -    Cowboy Crackdown
01 FEB -    Sukhumvit Square Smashed
01 MAR -    Soi 10 Survivors
01 APR -    War & The Night Scene
01 MAY -    Entertainment Blues
01 JUN -    '13 Night Market' Reborn
01 JUL -    Clinton Plaza Falls
01 AUG -    Soi 24 Nightscene Review
01 SEP -    Does Soi Nana Measure Up?
01 OCT -    Patpong - Legend & Myth
01 NOV -    Easy Square 'Launched'
01 DEC -    Soi Cowboy Urine-Swoop

- 2002 -
01 FEB -    January: Big Changes In Bar Scene
09 JUN -    Sukhumvit Square 'Explosion'

20 JUN -    Soi 22's Queen's Park Plaza
01 JUL -    Clinton Plaza - Already Dead?
01 AUG -    Bar Beers Now "Major Players"
16 AUG -    July: Bar Beers Gaining Ground
01 SEP -    A Go-Gos A-building
17 SEP -    Virtual Bars
01 OCT -    A History In The Making
01 NOV -    Pool Bars Come Of Age
01 DEC -    November's Night Follies
15 DEC -    Genesis: Sukhumvit's Night Scene

01 JAN -    Seminal Survey -Paradisio Closes
- 2001 -

01 JAN -    Baccara opens in Cowboy
01 FEB -    Club Habanos Closes - PP1
01 MAR -    farang Connection Closes - Nana
01 APR -    Rock Hard BB Open - Clinton Pl.
01 MAY -    Las Vegas Opens - Cowboy
01 JUN -    'Wall Street' Opens - Soi 33
01 JUL -    Vixens Closes - Nana
01 AUG -    6 A Go-Go's Shut - Clinton Pl.
01 SEP -    Pussy Collection Opens - PP1
01 OCT -    Girl Friend Closes - PP1
01 NOV -    Rainbow III Opens - Nana
01 DEC -    White House Reopens - Clinton Pl.

- 2000 -

JAN -    'Cowboy Annex' Starts Up
FEB -    Agogo 2000 new at Nana
MAR -    Flowers - Clinton's 1st A Go-Go
APR -    Angel Witch new at Nana
MAY -    Dubliner now at Washington Sq
JUN -    Coco Loco opens at Clinton Pl.
JUL -    Bottoms Up new at Nana
AUG -    Crack House opens at Clinton Pl.
SEP -    Doll House / White House open at Clinton
OCT -    Rock Hard to open at Clinton Pl.
NOV -    Big Dogs opens at Nana
DEC -    Lolita opens in Cowboy Annex

- 1999 -

JAN -    Masquerade Closes @ Nana
FEB -    "Entertainment Plaza" Start-Up
MAR -    SuperStar is PP SuperBar !
APR -    Washington Square goes Critical
MAY-    New Klymaxx closes (Cowboy)
JUN -    'Wet Lips opens (Cowboy)
JUL -    Sam 2000 opens (Cowboy)
AUG -    Monica's opens (Clinton Plaza)
SEP -    Muzzik Cafe open on PP1
OCT -    No Probl'm now Cat's Meow
NOV -    Titty Twisters opens at Nana
DEC -    Londoner Brew Pub new on Soi 33
- 1998 -
JAN -    Nancy Bar opens on Floor 2, Nana
FEB -    Tabasco Charlies opens - (NEP)
MAR -    Cowboy 2 is a 'Pizzaria' - Soi Cowboy
APR -    New A Go Go Duck opens - Cowboy
MAY -    Raw Hide opens on Cowboy
JUN -    Para Disio opens - Floors 2 & 3 - NEP
JUL -    Patpong Cafe opens - PP2
AUG -    'Funny Girls' becomes 'Girlfriend' - PP1
SEP -    Masquerade opens on 3rd Floor - NEP
OCT -    Virgo opens on Cowboy
NOV -    Obsession, Beverly Hills, Red Lips open
DEC -    Lucifer Disko Tk opens atop Radio City

- 1997 -
JAN -    'Hot Rods' opens @ Nana
FEB -    Crazy Lady closes (Nana)
MAR -    3 Lounges closed - 'The Ramp'
APR -    Blue Sky Bar closes - PP1
MAY -    Crackdown at Nana
JUN -    Crystal Palace opens - PP2
JUL -    Limelight closes - PP1
AUG -    Rainbow II opens @ Nana
SEP -    Cowboy's Butterfly Gone
OCT -    Shadow drops Crazy Jack (Cowboy)
NOV -    Hollywood 2 now on 3rd Floor (NEP)
DEC -    Susies opens @ Buckskin Joe Village
- 1996 -
JAN -    Shooters opens on 3rd Floor (NEP)
FEB -    XTC Closes, then Reopens (NEP)
MAR -    Tapas back on line (Soi Katoey)
APR -    Long Gun expands (2X) [Cowboy]
MAY -    Apache reopens on 'The Boy'
JUN -    Pink Panther "upstairs" closes
JUL -    Iconic Mile's Place gone...
AUG -    Upstairs Touch Bar closes (PP1)
SEP -    Pharaoh opens in NEP carpark
OCT -    Spirit House opens in NEP
NOV -    Crazy Lady opens in NEP
DEC -    Long Gun 2 opens (now Rawhide)

- 1995 -
JAN -    PP1 Butterfly Closed
FEB -    Camelot Castle Opens
MAR -    NEPs Bubble Gum gone...
APR -    Tiny 'Imagine' Closed
MAY -    (Quietest month on record)
JUN -    NEPs Mon Cherie axed
JUL -    Play Skool opens (NEP)
AUG -    Opium Club new on The Ramp
SEP -    D.L Irish Pub (ex: Bamboo's)
OCT -    NEP 3rd Floor Opens
NOV -    Klymaxx 2 opens on Cowboy
DEC -    Chick's opens upstairs (PP1)
- 1994 -
- 1993 -
JAN -       -
FEB -       -
MAR -   Saloons - More Areas Added
APR -    Saloons -Adding "Nana"
MAY -    Red Diamond Closed
JUN -    Saloons - Tomatohead Closes
JUL -    Pretty Lady A Go Go
AUG -    Mars Party House closed
SEP -    Matterhorn & Star Pub
OCT -    Sawasdee Cocktail Lounge - New
NOV -    Thigh Bar name change
DEC -    Smile Club to open...
- 1990 -
JAN -   Buckskin Joe - Initial Survey

- 1989 -
01 JAN -    (Coming Soon)
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