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In the beginning.....
( Our Summons: )

To: "Saint Elmo" <>,
         "Boge Hartman" <>
Subject: You're Hired Whether You Like It Or Not
Date: Tues, 20 Nov 2001 06:33:27 -0700

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Subject: Chin To The Grindstone

We, and I do mean we, (Big Boge Hartman, the evil C.A., 'Master' Cordia, and yours truly) are going ahead with Project "Bangkok Eyes" after all - with the help of two beautiful administrators.

You are hereby conscripted to join the team (get off your beer-sotted ass) and join us as Webmaster - whilst keeping your sullied hands off the administrators, of course.     Our objective is to get our first issue up on the www by Jan of 2002 (just around the corner, Bud) - and unfortunately, only you will be able to bring "the Project" in anywhere close to that timeframe.     We therefore find ourselves in the embarrassing and regrettable position of requiring your immediate assistance.     RSVP

Will Morledge

( The Webmaster's Response: )


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Subject: Fw: Cockeyed In Bangkok
Date: Tue, 20 Nov 2001 09:27:23 -0800
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Consider your unworthy asses tied to the whipping post.    I'll be there next Monday, and I expect to see all white knuckles and elbows, with a broom up your ass so you can clean as you go.    But understand, I'll be there to see that YOU put YOUR web site together - and YOU do all the work -- and you can call me "window washer" or "webmaster" or whatever suits your fancy, I don't give a sh**.

And as the whip comes down, I don't expect to hear your usual snivelling and whining - if YOU want to get your "Bangkok Eyes" site up by Jan 02, then YOU are going to know blood, sweat and tears - and it will be thine own.    I, on the other hand, will be kicking back in the recliner with one of your beers in my hand, and pointing out your myriad mistakes.

"St Elmo"