Bernard 'Nite Owl' Trink slated for year-end axe

Bangkok, 18 November 2003

The rumors concerning the Bangkok Post's release of Bernard 'Nite Owl' Trink have passed the "just rumor" stage, according to sources within the newspaper offices.   The MIDNITE HOUR was informed today that barring any last minute "stay of execution", Trink will be put out to pasture at the end of the year (31 December 2003).

This most recent move to cut costs by the publisher, Pichai, is seen as the latest of a string of hapless moves to keep the ailing Thai language Post Today alive at all cost.  Insiders and outsiders alike have noted the continuing deterioration of the Post, both in content and in their ability to edit the simplest English language text.

This move to set Trink free is just one more sign that the management of the Bangkok Post does not have the slightest idea where their readership appeal lies, and should Trink's release come to pass, it would be viewed as the 'straw that broke the camel's back' for both the Bangkok Post, and the Post Today.  One insider's comment, "We are eating our seed corn.   Even a cannibal knows he can't eat his own limbs and survive..."  Needless to say, he has requested anonymity.

The news is rapidly spreading on the Internet, and "write-in" campaigns are already mounting.  Even on the outside chance the above is not reconfirmed, either way, a write-in campaign in support of Trink would be useful.   To contact the Bangkok Post directly, email the editor by clicking below: -

      FOOTNOTE: - Although a reliable source, having received an email from Trink stating  14 NOV 03  was his last published column, this did not eventuate. See "Rumor Of The Month" in December's MIDNITE HOUR.

Veera Prateepchaikul, Editor