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01 June 2024
William R.  Morledge

June's Nitelife News
A Smile in the Land of Smiles.
Reader's Corner:  'Brain Salad Grammary'
Traces of Our Past - Talent & Soul Food
Graffiti In The News #214
            This month we do a quick run-down update (oxymoron?) on 7 Center Point Night Entertainment Area.   This follows quickly on our last year's summation of that group of Nitespots.   In our last write-up we noted that they had been shapeshifting - again - changing the configuration of the bars and the inner bar areas.   Since that time they expanded their real estate considerably when they absorbed the area formerly the Soi 7 Bier Garten.   However, just recently they gave up the back 15% of their area to the new Middle Eastern restaurant.
      The AJ 168 Bar recently relocated out of the rapidly failing area that was once home to the Soi 7 Bier Garten.     It has taken over the space previously occupied by the Rain Bar (now deceased).
            As soon as the new area in the ex-Bier Garten became available for leasing last November, new bars were moving in almost as fast as they could sweep up the sawdust and turn the lights on.   However over the last 3 months, most of those bars have gone out of business, leaving that area nearly empty (left side of the below map).
            The consensus among several long-term Bangkok denizens is there are too many leasable areas on the Bier Garten side, giving it a cramped 'rabbit warren' atmosphere.   (And they have a point...)   Instead of having 20 (or so) spaces for lease, there should be no more than five or six larger areas with appropriate seating.   It remains to be seen what will become of that section of 7 Center Point - in the meantime we'll try to keep up with the bars moving here-and-there in the compound (playing musical chairs), along with the all-too-frequent Nitespot openings / closings...


June's Thai Smile is back to where she once belonged...

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  FREE  AD :  ( NO,  NO,  DON'T  THANK  ME...)
      I suppose you know that Alan Dawson, formerly of the Bangkok Post, has his own blog?   He calls it Fishwrap?   Probably not of any interest to a nightlife site such as (Bangkok Eyes), but it might be of interest to the old hands who read your webpage.   Space providing, you should let them know.

      Yes, recently a number of people have advised us of Dawson's 'The Daily Fishwrap', and we second the motion, ( - 'fishwrap' being a time-honored newsprint term comparable to, say, 'yellow journalism').   The regular Fishwrap blog comes out most days of the week, with self-styled near-subliminal rants against Corrupt Thai Politicians (but we repeat ourselves), occasional restyled visits to his old Post Database geek days, regular Crutch (Roger Crutchly) diversions, and even good Rock 'n Roll (who knew?).   He usually puts the Ice Hockey News-Of-The-Moment near the end of his blog, thereby protecting reader sensibilities (Rituals be Rituals...).   All this, as well as other buffered cynicisms on our day's quiet chaos...   From what we gather, he continues to hide out in Bangkok's Commonwealth-Slum area in deep Phra Khanong whilst producing Bangkok's best online feed <link>.
(With apologies to Emerson, Lake & Palmer)
       Hello Bangkokeyes:
With all due respect as I very much enjoy your monthly blog.   I know it takes time to put it together.   However, you regularly use the word "it's" incorrectly.   "It's" is a contraction for "it is".   One the other hand, "its" is a possessive pronoun.   If you go back and relook, you will see you use "it's" when you mean "its".   It's a common grammar error.
      Lord knows, I never make "misteaks".   Thanks and keep up your good work.

      You are 100% correct, it's a common grammatical error...   As 'its' is already a possessive pronoun it would not require an apostrophe.   Others also have commented on this.   However, in the 1940's, when still in grade school, we were taught (likely incorrectly) to make that pronoun possessive by using "apostrophe s").   Should you further examine my text, you will find other irritating grammatical (ungrammatical) usage.   Some are driven mad by my over-use of the ellipsis (some eschew the use of ellipses altogether).   Some are driven around the bend by my over-use (and unnecessary use) of 'that'.   Some are annoyed at my creation of words (last month's "chroniclize").   Journalist friends tell me I overuse the 'comma', and it slows down the reader when it shouldn't - and they are correct.   Some get the needle by my use of tired and often trite phraseology - much adopted (nostalgically) from Bernard Trink's long-gone Nite Owl column.   I also hyphenate sentences that more properly should be two sentences.   (Etc.)   Or to say the same thing another way, the column is a grammatical minefield.   Were I my high school English teacher, I would fail me.   As you might be guessing, I am having a good time playing with words / phrases / sentences.   
      Enjoyed your, "I don't make misteaks."   My old, "We don't make mistrakes," comes from the yellowed pages of the now-extinct Mad Comics (before it became Mad Magazine - before it became extinct).   Please continue to blast me on any future transgressions.
Copyright exclusively to creators
      Your blog is usually on the bleeding edge of the graffiti scene, however it seems everyone but you guys have covered the colorful graffiti at Nana Plaza.   On the off chance you haven't seen it, it would be worth recording for historical interest, if nothing else.   ...

      Yes, thanks, we are aware of the ornate spraycan art at Nana Plaza.   However, snobbishly believing we hold the high ground on all things graffiti, we should first review what differentiates "graffiti" from "mural art".   Graffiti is the "unauthorized markings on others' property" (emphasis on 'unauthorized').    Graffiti is typically the free expression(s) of the spraycan-holder, often controversial, often in protest, often irreverent, often crude, and most often original - an unfettered, unregulated form of 'free speech' (for those of you who take 'free speech' to its logical limit).   The colorful artworks at Nana Plaza are contracted mural paintings - the only thing in common with actual graffiti is they were applied with spraycans.      As Midnite Hour's graff column concentrates (almost) exclusively on "graffiti", we will not be giving the Nana Plaza murals extensive coverage.
      Having said that, the artists producing these murals are of the same brotherhood that produce the eye-catching artwork on Thailand's tour busses.   (Note: This 'lineage' of Thai artists goes way back to the '60's - when billboard-sized movie posters were hand-painted in situ on scaffolding.)   Sample of tour-bus art herein.
Copyright exclusively to creators
      While we can't blame them, we suspect the mural artists (and those contracting them) intentionally define their product as 'graffiti', as it gives those works an 'edginess' they wouldn't otherwise enjoy.   Note: we are not dissing the art form - we fully enjoy these public mural displays.
      A final footnote:      Oh, and, in case you were wondering, some mural artists also dabble in actual graffiti from time to time.   (When in doubt, follow the bread & honey - murals earn baht, graff does not..)
'Reader's Corner' moderator -

'Boge' Hartman
Historical Research
*   Zootramp Publications


Dave is BACK... 


Let the Follies begin-

    Vol. XXXIII      No. 06
                           Bangkok,  01 June 2024                         
   Free Distribution

        Last March, the King's Group put up signs saying they would be opening a Sport Bar, a new King Castle 2 and an "lnn Hotel" in what was previously Tip Top.   The new King Castle 2 opened at the beginning of this month (note the subtle change in spelling... from King's Castle 2 to King Castle 2).   Begs the question, though, what happened to the old King's Castle 2 across the avenue?   Answer: nothing.   Yet.   Although one of the staff mentioned it would be absorbed into the King's Castle 1.   A wait and see item...   May they continue to roll - their way....

        Last month we announced the opening of the King's Castle Sports Bar - sans signage.   This month we find the new signage has already been nailed up.   The official name : King Sport Bar (again no apostrophe-s).   May they persevere...

        Just around the corner from Patpong 1 on the Silom Rd side we saw - and heard - the new Groovin' High Jazz Bar & Cafe.   To enter, one must walk down a dark ground level corridor - something the management should remedy.   Nevertheless, quality jazz - should you be an aficionado...   Welcome them to the bright city lights.   

        The Ekka Grill & Bar just opened across from Patpong 1 in what was, decades ago, the popular Cafe de Paris nightclub.   We're not sure whether this will end up a Nitespot or just a restaurant.   Time will reveal all...

       Last month we announced the opening of the Dok Pub in the long-closed King's Garden.   What we didn't mention : the Dok Pub also occupies what was previously the Cosmos digs.   We wanted to post another photo this month because they have nailed up their signage.   (However, after taking a second look, it appears that there will be more signage to come...)
       The Good Boy has supplanted the long-lived New Screw Boy.   Modus operandi status quo ante...
       The Kami Kazi has rolled out some brand new signage.   What piques the interest - it appears no longer to be catering to just Japanese...   Hmmm....   Located on level 3, 'Building No. 1', accessed from Patpong 1 or 2.
            Lighthouse continues its long, slow rebirth to, well, whatever it will be when they finally get done renovating.   The Southwest Monsoon has already started - they would have been 100% better off to have opened in the cool season, where they could have expected more custom.   BTW, we were sharing a drink with an old Soi Cowboy 'contact' of twenty years, and I noted there were a lot of people on the Soi, so the bars must be quite busy.   She said that very few were busy, and most of the people we see walking up and down the Soi are not customers...
            Just across the Soi from the renovating Light House is the renovating Cactus.   Likewise we don't know what it will be called when they reopen, so yet another "wait-and-see".
            In the back right hand corner on the ground level is the Rainbow 2 (open) and the Rainbow (closed several months) - mentioned last month.   We cannot confirm the rumor that they will merge...
               A 'street-scene' on Soi Nana (Sukhumvit Soi 4).   Quite busy considering it is already the beginning of the monsoon season...   Note the parade of taxis - you can jump into literally any one of them, and for only Baht 300 they will take you anywhere in the near Sukhumvit area.   Such a deal...

            We noted no new Nitespot openings or closings this month.   Photo for the Archives...
 SOI  KATOEY (Silom  Soi  4)

            Last month we reported the Biya Salon Massage closed.   We are pleased to mention they have reopened this month - and it's business as usual...
 SOI  22 Sukhumvit Rd 

             The Private Bar, closed for a couple of months, has re-rolled out the red carpet.   They can be found deep in Subsoi Hana.
 SOI  22 Sukhumvit Rd 

            The BTS (Best Thai Special) Massage has gone the way of the Palaeotodus.   Located at the top of Subsoi Titanium.   File photo below.
 SOI  22 Sukhumvit Rd 

            What was the short-lived Panacea Night Club will soon be the Paradise.   Renovations almost completed, they should open before the end of the month.
 SOI  AMBASSADOR  (Sukhumvit Soi 11) 

            As the Aloft Hotel goes through massive renovations, the WXYZ Bar will be closed indefinitely.   The other two Nitespots, Levels and Crave remain open.   Gotta let the train roll on...
 SOI  AMBASSADOR  (Sukhumvit Soi 11) 

            The brand-new Lucky Whisky Bar (no sign yet) opened newly this month, has replaced both Phannee's Bar (now closed) and the AJ 168 Bar (moved into the defunct Rain Bar digs).   Located at the rear of the Bier Garten side of 7 Center Point.   Welcome them to the nightcircus...
 7  CENTER  POINT (Sukhumvit Soi 7) 
            Last month we noted the permanent closure of Fortune Club in Subsoi 3, only to find out they were preparing to open less than 20 meters away as Fortune Counter Bar.   Welcome them back to the machine.
 SOI  DEAD  ARTIST (Sukhumvit Soi 33) 
            Princess has opened in Subsoi Pan Pan in the recently closed The Sun (which only opened two months ago). Welcome them to the slippery slope...
 SOI  DEAD  ARTIST (Sukhumvit Soi 33) 
            The Matador Bar has opened newly in the Covid-closed Plame specialty massage.   Here's hoping this is your greener pasture...
 SOI  EDEN  (Sukhumvit 7 / 1) 


Traces of Bangkok's Early Years

      As the armed conflict in Southeast Asia continued to escalate, so grew the expat Bangkok Night Entertainment Scene.   The number of Nightclubs, bars and massage parlors continued to grow, with new Night Entertainment Areas opening up.   A mix of local and foreign entertainers and entertainment finding its way into the local Night Scene.

      While most of us of that era were rushing off to the latest hot bar on Patpong, or looking for an instant companion at the Thai Heaven on New Petchburi, or getting down & dirty in Khlong Toey, the real talent was playing in Bangkok's 'Big 3' nightclubs.   December 1968 saw the popular bandleader, saxophonist, songwriter Louis Jordan at the Sani Chateau in the Gaysorn Night Entertainment Area.
January 1968

      Jack's American Star Bar originally ran he above ad in 1965.   For those of us in a perpetual hunt for soul food, Jack's was the answer - served up by young Thai hostesses with their afro hair-do's.   Soul music (usually live) the specialty of the house - what was not to like?   As can be seen, the above ad included a map - which since our original publication, has answered more than a few questions as to its location...
January 1968

      Sukhumvit Road (and immediately into its several Soi's) had a number of Nitespots, however they were scattered here and there, not really forming a contiguous "Night Entertainment Area".   One such Venue was the Jusmine Bar, near Soi 4 Nana Tai.
January 1968
      The singer Jack Wilson (not Jackie Wilson) sang in Broadway productions, sang for the troops in WWII, and by invitation at the White House (to list but a few).   He died at the age of 91 in 2004.   The Sani Chateau would feature several entertainers during a given period.
January 1968

      The Takara Barber Onsen (a massage parlor) is one of only two Venues that has survived to the present time on the Patpongs.   (The other being the Old Other Office.)   It (Takara) started out on Patpong 2 Road, then moved to Patpong 1 Road (at two different locations).
January 1968

      The Three Kingdoms Nightclub, was a Nitespot of limited popularity, operating out of the Peninsula Hotel, Surawong Road.   It featured entertainers from the large pool of Filipino musicians residing more-or-less permanently in Bangkok during those years.
January 19687

       Ronnie Chapman was indeed a popular vocalist - recording star (R&B & standards) in the '60's, but, while his recordings can be sourced, little is available on his career.
January 1968
    Sam Scott, resident pianist and raconteur, absent for a number of months from the Yard of Ale (to play at other Venues in the Capitol) - reappeared at "The Yard" as suddenly as he had disappeared.   Business as usual...
January 1968
         Perhaps one of the reasons dueling is no longer a popular way of settling disputes in Thailand.   Contrary to Hollywood depictions, the almost-humorous account above illustrates how oftentimes there is no winner.
January 1968


Once Upon
A Time

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Christopher G. Moore















































But is it ....ART ?

Check out Bangkok's dedicated page at "BKK" <link>


Excerpts copyright New York
            The elusive graffiti artist Banksy, having just won his legal battle with the EU over his right to anonymity (as if he gave tuppence for what the EU had to say....), went straight back to work in London Town.   Some just call it "The City".   This time 'round, he struck in the Finsbury Park neighborhood, painting leaves for a tree that had none.   (One will need to see the photos herein to "get the picture").
      Even before Banksy 'confessed' he was the culprit, crowds began to gather, clicking smartphone selfies with the tree and its new faux leaves in the background.   The usual comments began to flow amongst the gawkers and photographers, proclaiming the work a profound "pro-Environment" piece.   A local politician chiming in with gushing praise : "We live in one environment.   It is vulnerable and on the cusp of serious damage being done to it......Ad nauseum.
      One photographer took pics of a man in a hoodie exiting the enclosure in question (photo just above).   He readily told all he believed the individual to be Banksy himself, many believing it to be true.   It became so 'true' it got ink in the local news.   Gullibility is bottomless - once you are in over your head, you might as well be in the Marianas Trench.   The probability of Banksy waiting around until daylight (while crowds formed) before making his exit, all the while looking at the cameraman (without pulling his hoodie over his head) - and the probability of pigs taking flight is, right there, about equal.
For a complete report - visit New York Post

   Bangkok Eyes is an historically based news outlet, and as such, all graphic excerpts herein are considered, under current legal precedents and prevailing interpretations, 'Fair Use' under Copyright Law.   Copyright of any original photographs or artwork resides exclusively with the creators.

With thanks to Cool

Graffiti #1493
4th Dimensional
8 ft high x 14 ft

Graffiti #1494
Longish Leg
7 ft high x 14 ft

Graffiti #1495
3 ft high x (length in) ft

Graffiti #1496
6 ft high x 14 ft

Graffiti #1497
Squared Pressure
6 ft high x 4ft

Graffiti #1498
6 ft high x 23 ft

Graffiti #1499
Water Baby
7 ft high x 15 ft

Bangkok Eyes is an historically based news outlet, and as such, all graphic excerpts herein are considered, under current legal precedents and prevailing interpretations, 'Fair Use' under Copyright Law.   Copyright of any original artwork resides exclusively with the creators.

Bangkok's original site !

SINCE  2005

Graffiti Page is prepared by Staff Contributor "Boge" Hartman.

(Boge's photo, above, is not a graffiti per-se, although there are those who have insinuated....
- Ed)

--- Datzit Fernow

William R. Morledge


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01 FEB -    The 'Nana Scene'
01 MAR -    Asoke Plaza Smashed Again
01 APR -    Sukhumvit 1 Plaza 'Arrives'
01 MAY -    Welcome 'Soi Eden'
01 JUN -    Bangkok's Bareback Riders
01 JUL -    Soi 22 - A Macro View
01 AUG -    Nana's Slide
01 SEP -    Cowboy Street Scene
01 OCT -    The Pattaya Run
01 NOV -    Soi 19 In Focus
01 DEC -    Bad Girls

- 2004 -
01 JAN -    Bangkok's Darkest Year
01 FEB -    Where Is Trink ?
01 MAR -    Soi 33 Just Won't Stop
01 APR -    Cracks In The Crackdown
01 MAY -    In The Zone
01 JUN -    "Night-Scene Jumbos
01 JUL -    Easy Square 'On The Map'
01 AUG -    Soi 1 Entertainment Plaza
01 SEP -    Khlong Toey Revisited
01 OCT -    Koh Samui's Night Scene
01 NOV -    Soi 1 Opens
01 DEC -   The Bangkok Pub Scene

- 2003 -
01 JAN -    Cowboy Crackdown
01 FEB -    Sukhumvit Square Smashed
01 MAR -    Soi 10 Survivors
01 APR -    War & The Night Scene
01 MAY -    Entertainment Blues
01 JUN -    '13 Night Market' Reborn
01 JUL -    Clinton Plaza Falls
01 AUG -    Soi 24 Nightscene Review
01 SEP -    Does Soi Nana Measure Up?
01 OCT -    Patpong - Legend & Myth
01 NOV -    Easy Square 'Launched'
01 DEC -    Soi Cowboy Urine-Swoop

- 2002 -
01 FEB -    January: Big Changes In Bar Scene
09 JUN -    Sukhumvit Square 'Explosion'

20 JUN -    Soi 22's Queen's Park Plaza
01 JUL -    Clinton Plaza - Already Dead?
01 AUG -    Bar Beers Now "Major Players"
16 AUG -    July: Bar Beers Gaining Ground
01 SEP -    A Go-Gos A-building
17 SEP -    Virtual Bars
01 OCT -    A History In The Making
01 NOV -    Pool Bars Come Of Age
01 DEC -    November's Night Follies
15 DEC -    Genesis: Sukhumvit's Night Scene

01 JAN -    Seminal Survey -Paradisio Closes
- 2001 -

01 JAN -    Baccara opens in Cowboy
01 FEB -    Club Habanos Closes - PP1
01 MAR -    farang Connection Closes - Nana
01 APR -    Rock Hard BB Open - Clinton Pl.
01 MAY -    Las Vegas Opens - Cowboy
01 JUN -    'Wall Street' Opens - Soi 33
01 JUL -    Vixens Closes - Nana
01 AUG -    6 A Go-Go's Shut - Clinton Pl.
01 SEP -    Pussy Collection Opens - PP1
01 OCT -    Girl Friend Closes - PP1
01 NOV -    Rainbow III Opens - Nana
01 DEC -    White House Reopens - Clinton Pl.

- 2000 -

JAN -    'Cowboy Annex' Starts Up
FEB -    Agogo 2000 new at Nana
MAR -    Flowers - Clinton's 1st A Go-Go
APR -    Angel Witch new at Nana
MAY -    Dubliner now at Washington Sq
JUN -    Coco Loco opens at Clinton Pl.
JUL -    Bottoms Up new at Nana
AUG -    Crack House opens at Clinton Pl.
SEP -    Doll House / White House open at Clinton
OCT -    Rock Hard to open at Clinton Pl.
NOV -    Big Dogs opens at Nana
DEC -    Lolita opens in Cowboy Annex

- 1999 -

JAN -    Masquerade Closes @ Nana
FEB -    "Entertainment Plaza" Start-Up
MAR -    SuperStar is PP SuperBar !
APR -    Washington Square goes Critical
MAY-    New Klymaxx closes (Cowboy)
JUN -    'Wet Lips opens (Cowboy)
JUL -    Sam 2000 opens (Cowboy)
AUG -    Monica's opens (Clinton Plaza)
SEP -    Muzzik Cafe open on PP1
OCT -    No Probl'm now Cat's Meow
NOV -    Titty Twisters opens at Nana
DEC -    Londoner Brew Pub new on Soi 33
- 1998 -
JAN -    Nancy Bar opens on Floor 2, Nana
FEB -    Tabasco Charlies opens - (NEP)
MAR -    Cowboy 2 is a 'Pizzaria' - Soi Cowboy
APR -    New A Go Go Duck opens - Cowboy
MAY -    Raw Hide opens on Cowboy
JUN -    Para Disio opens - Floors 2 & 3 - NEP
JUL -    Patpong Cafe opens - PP2
AUG -    'Funny Girls' becomes 'Girlfriend' - PP1
SEP -    Masquerade opens on 3rd Floor - NEP
OCT -    Virgo opens on Cowboy
NOV -    Obsession, Beverly Hills, Red Lips open
DEC -    Lucifer Disko Tk opens atop Radio City

- 1997 -
JAN -    'Hot Rods' opens @ Nana
FEB -    Crazy Lady closes (Nana)
MAR -    3 Lounges closed - 'The Ramp'
APR -    Blue Sky Bar closes - PP1
MAY -    Crackdown at Nana
JUN -    Crystal Palace opens - PP2
JUL -    Limelight closes - PP1
AUG -    Rainbow II opens @ Nana
SEP -    Cowboy's Butterfly Gone
OCT -    Shadow drops Crazy Jack (Cowboy)
NOV -    Hollywood 2 now on 3rd Floor (NEP)
DEC -    Susies opens @ Buckskin Joe Village
- 1996 -
JAN -    Shooters opens on 3rd Floor (NEP)
FEB -    XTC Closes, then Reopens (NEP)
MAR -    Tapas back on line (Soi Katoey)
APR -    Long Gun expands (2X) [Cowboy]
MAY -    Apache reopens on 'The Boy'
JUN -    Pink Panther "upstairs" closes
JUL -    Iconic Mike's Place gone...
AUG -    Upstairs Touch Bar closes (PP1)
SEP -    Pharaoh opens in NEP carpark
OCT -    Spirit House opens in NEP
NOV -    Crazy Lady opens in NEP
DEC -    Long Gun 2 opens (now Rawhide)

- 1995 -
JAN -    PP1 Butterfly Closed
FEB -    Camelot Castle Opens
MAR -    NEPs Bubble Gum gone...
APR -    Tiny 'Imagine' Closed
MAY -    (Quietest month on record)
JUN -    NEPs Mon Cherie axed
JUL -    Play Skool opens (NEP)
AUG -    Opium Club new on The Ramp
SEP -    D.L Irish Pub (ex: Bamboo's)
OCT -    NEP 3rd Floor Opens
NOV -    Klymaxx 2 opens on Cowboy
DEC -    Chick's opens upstairs (PP1)
- 1994 -
- 1993 -
JAN -       -
FEB -       -
MAR -   Saloons - More Areas Added
APR -    Saloons -Adding "Nana"
MAY -    Red Diamond Closed
JUN -    Saloons - Tomatohead Closes
JUL -    Pretty Lady A Go Go
AUG -    Mars Party House closed
SEP -    Matterhorn & Star Pub
OCT -    Sawasdee Cocktail Lounge - New
NOV -    Thigh Bar name change
DEC -    Smile Club to open...
- 1990 -
JUN -   Buckskin Joe - Initial Survey

- 1989 -
01 JAN -    Patpong 1 Map 1988-89
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